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KEYS ****

Each Kind-Kind of Integrity - - - is threatened by all kinds of UN-Kind: Mutually-Exclusive, Idolatrous

{EGO-CENTRIC} ULTIMATE: Concerns, Ideals, Values, Principles, Perspectives, Points-of-View, Opinions, Desires,

Wants and Manufactured-Needs - - - that Obscure, Conceal and/or Confuse our Isolated-Understandings which are

                                        Founded in Ways WHICH ARE ISOLATED: 

Geographically      Culturally          Religiously        Linguistically          Politically        Scientifically

Historically        Astronomically      Cosmically         Idealistically          Morally            Spiritually

in comparison to the possible Overall-Integrative-Ways-of-Understanding   which acknowledge How-Astronomically-Tiny-

and-Isolated   God's Space-Ship-Earth is    within the whole of the Cosmic-Void in which Space-Ship-Earth Travels 

with the SUN in its trip around the outer edges of the Milky-Way-Galaxy within its Local-Cluster-of-Galaxies.  Narrow,

Exclusive and Isolated Perspectives - - - are likely to be misleading.