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KEYS ****

Each community - - - as a Whole - - - needs to provide stable arrangements - - - that transcend inevitable
personal and family difficulties due to: accidents, injuries, sickness and deaths - - - to teach the next-
generation of children-and-adolescents - - - how to become ready to live responsible and integrative 
lives as adults.  In the absence of such arrangements, civility and civilization is not SUSTAINABLE if even 
a modest fraction of adolescents are NOT ready-willing-and-able - - - when-they-become-adults to:

 1. Care-for themselves-and-each-other - - - in the responsible and integrative ways of LOVE.
 2. Mitigate their OWN Alienative-Conflicts.

 3. Manage their own complex reflexive-intimate-relationships - - - in mutually-satisfactory-ways.

 4. Do Objective-and-Reflexive Systems-Analyses - - - as foundations for wise and prudent decision making.

 5. Adjust to Global-Environmental-Changes that interact-with-and-affect human behavior patterns.

 6. Maintain Balanced-Personal-and-Communal Integrities and Integration-Processes,

 7. Balance-their-Committments to Mutually-Complementary: Ideals, Values, Principles and Virtues.

 8. Seek-to-Avoid-all-Forms of Idolatry - - - that exist within Unbalanced-Mutually-Exclusive-Committments.

 9. Affirm the Basic-Truths that:
    a. Healthy-Humans are Interdependent with all other living creatures.
    b. Earth is Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated from Significant Extra-Terrestrial Material-Resources.
    c. Endless Exponential-Growth-Patterns are Not-Sustainable within Cosmically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth.
    d. Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception can neither be WON nor SUSTAINED within Space-Ship-Earth.
    e. Dishonesty, Arrogance, Greed, Envy, Dichotomies, Violence, etc. are ALL DANGEROUS to the whole crew.

10. Carefully Discern Whom to Wisely-and-Safely: Admire, Respect, Honor and Trust - - - in SUSTAINABLE-WAYS.
11. Be careful to Discern how helpful it is - - - to Label-Individual-People as "GOOD" or "EVIL" persons.

12. Discern how helpful it is to recognize the differences between GOOD and EVIL:  Personal-Relationships.

13. Discern what CLUSTERS of: Ideals, Values, Principles and Virtues - - - can most safely be: Respected, 
    Admired, Honored and Trusted in SUSTAINABLE-WAYS for long periods of time.