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Habitual Moods-and-Attitudes can-be-distinct-from:   Ideals     Values     Principles   and   Virtues.

Habitual Moods-and-Attitudes can be pointed-to and/or suggested by words such as those following below:

Cynical     Joyful       Happy         Optimistic    Hopeful      Appreciative    Pessimistic    Thankful

Critical    Cheerful     Gracious      Grumpy        Talkative    Extroverted     Introverted    Sharing
Picky       Intimate     Affectionate  Giving        Carefree     Risky           Thoughtful     Casual

Generous    Hospitable   Impatient     Contentious   Withdrawn    Cautious        Prudent        Attentive

Empathetic  Sympathetic  Sensitive     Intuitive     Systematic   Formal          Informal       Careless


Habitual Moods-and-Attitudes are NOT essentially: Rational, Thought-Driven, Calculative, Mission-Driven.

Habitual Moods-and-Attitudes can live-lives-of-their-own - - - that are independent of and disconnected from
rational thoughts about: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Ground-for-Hope, etc.

There can be benefits in such States-of-Independence of Moods - - - but there are also risks in such states
of independence of Habitual-Moods - - - when independence is mixed with forms of alienation-and-incoherence
within the independent-realities;  when the latter lack-overall-integrity-internally and/or in-their-manners-
of-mutual-interdependence-with-others; in daily lives within: Families, Work-Places, Corporations, Churches,
Mosques, Synagogues, Economies, Banks, Stock-Markets, International-Discourses, Travel, Trade, Conflicts, 
Alienations, Intimacies, Violence, Terrors, Wars and Collaborative-Efforts-to-Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-

There is Great-Danger when States-of-Independence of Moods are combined with Systemic: Ignorance, Prejudice,
Provincialisms, Biases and Complicity in Distributive-Injustice.  Moody-People who are Complicit-in-Related 
Alienative-Conflicts - - - will often have the Protection of Communication-Rights to express their Moods 
Openly-and-Publicly. They may reveal-their-frustrations   with-not-enjoying-well, all-of-the Greedy-Benefits- 
and-Entitlements - - - to which they feel that they have Unquestionable-Rights.  But such communications are 
not Long-Term-Sustainable with any True-Integrity!  Healthy-Moods are well integrated with other forms of 
Health-and-Integrity; because True-Integrity involves Healthy-Interdependence; BUT-NOT  the Freedom-to-be-

We cannot enjoy Healthy-Integrity while sustaining/expressing  the Independent Moods which are often 
associated with: Ignorance, Prejudice, Provincialisms, Biases and Complicity in Distributive-Injustice;
e.g. while admiring and/or imitating the Unilateral-Benefits of the Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies.

To be Truly-SUSTAINABLE we must cooperate in BOTH:

 1. Mitigating Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts in Gracious-Disciplined-Ways-of-Shalom


 2. Augmenting-Healthy-Integrative-Moods within our Communities and Unique-Individual-Persons.

It is exceedingly unlikely that Domineering-Bullies or Mobbing-Mobsters will be qualified or inclined to lead
any of the healing efforts that are implicit in cooperating in the above two essential ways!

It is also exceedingly unlikely that any one person will be qualified, ready, willing and able to lead well in
the two mutually complementary and essentially different kinds of efforts.

People who Best-Embody Healthy-Integrative-Moods-and-Attitudes - - - are most likely to be able to lead efforts
to help to Augment-Healthy-Integrative-Moods-and-Attitudes.

It is likely that True-Lovers who clearly recognize Alienative-Conflicts and their Tragic-Costs through Systems-
analyses of both Objective-and-Reflexive-Kinds - - - are most likely to be able to lead efforts to help people
to Mitigate Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts.

True-Lovers may also be able to help us to identify people who Best-Embody Healthy-Moods-and-Attitudes - - - 
and so may be ready, willing and able to lead efforts to augment the embodiments of such Moods-and-Attitudes 
in: Infants and Young people, who are relatively free of infections with Unhealthy-Moods-and-Attitudes that 
frequently contribute to the Augmentation of Alienative-Conflicts and Traditions-of-Alienation.

If we are not happy with the current status-quo - - - What-Can-We-Do - - - To Make a Helpful-Difference?

Complain?     Gripe?     Attack?    Blame?    Shame?   Sulk?   Dominate?  Withdraw?  Depress  Repress?


                                   What can be Helpful-Foci In-Gracious-Efforts?

Clarify-Relevant-Facts?   Clarify-Relevant-Descriptions?  Clarify-Relevant-Relationships?  Clarify-Reasoning-Steps?

                                Facilitate-Cooperation   Facilitate-Open & Honest Dialogue


Priority-Needs           What is Missing                 Missing-Perspective              Missing-Facts

Who is Missing           Missing-Ideals                  Missing-Values                   Missing-Principles

Missing-Moods            Missing-Attitudes               Missing-Priorities               Present-Distractions

Present-Diversions       Present-Blockages               Missing-Insights                 Missing-Skills



Present-Ill-Bullies      Present-Mentally-Ill-Leaders    Present-Political-Diseases       Present-Fake-Scientists

Present-Fake-Investments Present-GREEDY-People           Generous-People                  Hospitable-People

Diplomatic-Reconcilers   Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes that are PROFITABLE  FOR DOMINEERING-BULLIES

Alienative-Ideals        Fellowships-Of-Reconciliation   LOVE'S SANCTUARIES FOR SHALOM    Bullies in Military Uniforms

Alienative-Goals         Alienative-Hopes                Alienative-Laws                  Alienative-Punishments

Alieantive-Moods         Alieantive-Attitudes            Alienative-Prisons               Alienative-Revenge

We need to Be-Aware-of and Beware-Of those poeople who are Motivated-and-Guided in any of the above kinds of efforts:

 1. By-Patterns of:      Guilt     Shame     Ignorance   Prejudices    Fears     Terrors  and/or by Cultural-Religious-
                         Political-Tribal-Linquistic-Provincialism  Kinship-Relationships   Kinship-Roles and Ignorance.

 2. By-Patterns of:      Greed     Envy      Covetousness   and Honorably-Wanting-Endlessly-MORE.

 3. By-Patterns of:      Arrogance Self-Righteousness  Pretense   Hubris   Domineering  Life-Styles-and-Ideals.

 4. By-Outdated-Ancient: Traditions that are Out-of-Touch with Changing-Environments whose New-Natures are DENIED
                         IN TRYING TO WIN: COLLUSIVE-GAMES-OF-MUTUAL-SELF-DECEPTION; which-cannot-be-won-by-anyone.

 5. By-People-Believing: That they can With-Integrity: Undermine, Threaten, Repress, Delay, or Destroy VULNERABLE-
                         PEOPLE's Rights - - - in the process of Exercising Their-Own-Superior-Rights as fully as
                         they feel that they have the right to do - - - due to their own Superior-Entitlements.

We need to Be-Aware-Of and Beware-Of all Present-Realities - - - that make our own Life-Styles BE-NON-SUSTAINABLE!