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Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - Are COVERT/HIDDEN Alienative-Conflicts - - - Over Hidden:
Ideals, Values, Principles, Ideologies, and Pseudo-Virtues - - - which ask the following kinds of Threatening-

 1.  What Questions may be Legitimately-Formulated within our Subconscious-Realms of Unique-Personal-Experiences?

 2.  What Questions May We Become Aware Of - - - in our Conscious Realms and in our Private Open-and-Honest-Dialogues?

 3.  What Questions May We Share with:
     a. Our Most Intimate-Friends-and-Lovers?
     b. Our Best Friends?
     c. Our Casual Friends?
     d. People to whom we are Introduced - - - at various levels of Intimacy/Formality - - -
        with various levels of recommendations/commendations?
     e. People we meet within the Contexts of Communal-Sanctuaries which demonstrate Shalom in LOVE?

 4.  What may we Honestly-and-Helpfully DO in response to each of the above contextual encounters with
     Collusive-Questions of Diverse-Kinds-and-Levels-of-Severity?

     a. Accept embedded-hidden-assumptions with our own embellishments; that are supportive of the
        assumptions present - - - and then superficially "answer" the Collusive-Questions of Mutual-
        Self-Deception which they and we have Hidden?

     b. Respond in ways that hint at the recognition of the assumptions that are present; but refrain 
        from challenging those assumptions in any overt or profound way - - - while "answering" the 
        Collusive-Question in a "polite" ritualistic way?

     c. Focus in deeper and/or more profound ways - - - upon the fact that the Questions-as-Presented 
        - - - are Parts of Collusive-Games-Of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - WHICH NOBODY CAN WIN?

     d. In Thorough-Profound-Gracious-Ways - - - EXPOSE Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception; 

        as Lacking-in-the-Following-Grounds/Foundations-for: Honor, Respect, Admiration, and SUSTAINABILITY?

        Coherence  Integrity    Grace     Honesty   Sustainability    Endurance    Robustness      Honesty

                                          While Being Covertly Preoccupied With

        Greed      Covetous-Domination      Being-in-Control    Being-Dominant     Being-Superior  WINNING

        Concentration-Wealth  Concentrating-Power  Being-Invulnerable   Acting Unilaterally        Hoarding

        Ignoring-Alienative-Costs                  Externalizing-Costs             Ignoring-Costs-to-Others

        Rejecting all possibilities that there might be Proper-and-Real Limits-and-Limitations to Attend-To.