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KEYS ****

The Life-Styles-and-Instincts of Domineering-Bullies - - - lead them to match-and-exceed each other's
Alienative-Threats - - - in their escalations of their Clinging-To Alienative-Conflicts-and-Possessions - - -
Which at each step Augment-their-Instincts - - - by which they Gauge how Insecure-Threatened-and-Vulnerable
they each are compared to each OTHER.  The pride themselves on their abilities to Keep-Ahead-Of-Each-Other
WITH-MORE of what is needed to Maintain-Endlessly-Exponential-Growth Ahead-of-Each-Other in their own
Successful-Alienative-Conflicts with their own Superior:

Doubts         Suspicions    Distrust         Anxieties       Fears   Technocrats  Terrors       Paranoia    

Weapons        Forts         Fortresses       Defenses        Spies   Secrets      Alienations   Security  
Coalitions     Wealth        Calculations     Concentrations  Powers  Controls     Speed         Readiness

Committments   Technologies  Invulnerability  Intentions      Plans


In contrast to the Instinctive-Alienative Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies:

True-Lovers focus upon Regular-Daily-Practices to Match-and-Exceed  Each-Others: Practices of
Gracious-Conflict-Mitigations THROUGH:

Courtesies    Kindnesses      Hospitality  Generosity   Sensitivity     Empathy        Sympathy   Cooperation

Colaboration  Reflexivity     Systems      Analyses     Thoughtfulness  Mediating      Prayer     Diplomacy

Forgiveness   Reconciliation  Healing      Patience     Tolerance       Appreciation  Thanks     Giving

Always being willing to Match-Each-Other's-Willingness to be Prudently and Wisely Vulnerable within 
Increasingly-Intimate Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about How-Most-Helpfully to Cooperate-and-Collaborate 
in Helping-Each-Other to Assure that All-Members of the Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny and Isolated
Space-Ship-Earth  Will-Have their Most-Basic-and-Healthy-Needs Adequately-Met - - - through Gracious-
Systemic-Distributive-Justice   on behalf of each Whole-Healthy-Community in LOVE - - - Matching each 
other's move -> -> -> toward being willing-together - - - to be Intimately-Vulnerable in LOVE.