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KEYS ****

Domineering-Bullies often object to people Accurately-and-Honestly-Describing: 

Realities   Processes    Relationships     Truths     Conflicts    Tragedies      Imperfections    etc. - - -

Which make the Domineering-Bullies FEEL: Uncomfortable, Threatened,  Insecure,  Anxious,  Vulnerable,  Terrorized.

On the other hand, Domineering-Bullies also object to people Failing-To:

 1. Support "the-right" political cause/candidate whom they have chosen.
 2. Be-Patriotic, in the "right" way which they have chosen.
 3. Be-Religious, in the "right" way which they have chosen.
 4. Support the "right" economic system which concentrates wealth and power into their "right" hands.
 5. Keep-Quiet at the "right" times which they have prescribed.
 6. Keep-Quiet in the "right" circumstances which they have prescribed.
 7. Honor the "right" Taboos with Excommunications which they have prescribed.
 8. Excommunicat/Shun/Banish to "right" people whom they have identified as EVIL.
 9. Avoid all dangerous-intimate-relationships that create TRAITORS to God's GOOD Causes which they have chosen.
10. Avoid all association with the "wrong-people".

In many of the above circumstances, the Domineering-Bullies have acted on the basis of FALSE/MISLEADING assumptions 
and/or convictions that particular people:

 1. Have-Sacred-Duties, that in fact they do not have.
 2. Should-Have-Sacred-Duties, that in fact they should not have.
 3. Do-not-have-Rights, that they in fact do have.
 4. Are-Qualified-for-Duties, for which in fact they are not-qualified.
 5. Do not have duties, when in fact, they do have those duties.
 6. Are not-qualified to carry-out-tasks, when in fact they are highly qualified to carry-out-those-tasks.
 7. Have-Powers, that in fact they do NOT-HAVE.
 8. Lack-Powers, that they in fact DO-HAVE.
 9. Could-Do, what in fact they CANNOT-DO.
10. Cannot-Do, what in fact they HAVE-DONE.

Often Domineering-Bullies are trying to WIN their Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - -
Through-The-Formation of Superior-Coalitions dedicated to Winning-Superior-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception
at no cost to themselves!