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KEYS ****

Alienation renders those who are alienated-from-each-other - - - IMPOTENT to truly-influence each other in 
any Gracefully-Effective-Ways that might help them to Mitigate Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - which 
threaten to destroy people on all sides of their Shared-Conflicts!

The above is the reason that we need to focus upon all of the Costs-of-Alienation - - - rather than upon all
of the reasons that any-one-reality IS-SUPERIOR to any other reality.

In the face of all of the Costs-of-Alienation - - - all of the reasons that any one of the reality IS-SUPERIOR

It is always ALIENATION which needs to be the primary focus of mitigation, in trying to improve our humane 
conditions.  In the presence of ALIENATION; all grounds for claiming to be superior - - - are of no significant