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KEYS ****

Here in the essays of neither particular Domineering-Bullies nor Mobbing-Mobsters are 
identified by name or other clear identifying particulars - - - because doing so would undermine 
possibilities for Mitigating-Our-Alienative-Conflicts in Mutually-Advantageous and/or Gracious-Ways.

Readers of essays at can recognize many Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters - - -
by noticing the following pervasive features within/among their various Alienative-Reflexive:

Moods        Attitudes      Temperaments   Manners      Spirits      Approaches   Models        Styles

Visions      Souls          Hearts        Dreams       Hopes        Presences   Confidence    Intents

Maneuvers   Pretences      Demands       Positions    Postures     Efforts      Assumptions   Negations

Dichotomies  Polarizations  Contentions   Intentions   Theologies   Techniques   Technocrats   Managers

Corporations Businesses     Analyses      Ideals       Goals        Values       Virtues       Principles


       To-the-extent-that Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters in their Leadership-Efforts

Chill        Repress        Suppress      Discourage   Confuse      Conceal      Hide          Banish

Obscure      Block          Diminish      Undermine    Punish       Inhibit      Destroy       Disintegrate

Any-of-the-Following  Essential-Relevant-Realities  that are foundations for Personal/Communal Integrities
To-That-Extent Such Leadership-Efforts Violate the Communications-Rights ANNOUNCED OFFICIALLY in The Constitution of the United-States-of-America. Note that Advocating the Violent-Overthrow of the Government and/or the Constitution of the United-States-of-America may be called TREASON and has rather sever penalties attached. You may find more details at Wikipedia and by searching for "TREASON" over the world-wide-web.
The Relevant-Realities-Include: 1. Open-and-Honest-Dialogues. 2. Health-and-Integrative Mutually-Appreciated Intimate-Relationships. 3. Healthy-and-Intimate Mutually-Appreciated Adult-Sexual-Relationships. 4. Open-and-Honest Reflexive-and-Objective Systems-Analyses as Honestly-Described. 5. Exposures of the Long-Term-Costs to the Crew of Space-Ship-Earth of: a. Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, whether WON or LOST. b. Addictive-Behaviors and their Codependent-Supportive-Behaviors. c. Alienative-Conflicts of all kinds and degrees. d. Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers. e. Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes. f. Alienative Religious-Political-Scholarly-Corporate-Professional: Practices Traditions Liturgies Doctrines Assumptions Dominations Coercions Violence Institutions Commandments Demands Technologies Questions Paradigms Scripts Within the context of the above consideration; it should be made abundantly clear by the participants in a Work-Shop that is focused upon learning how to help each other to Mitigate Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - that Participating in the Workshop is to be viewed as Covenanting-with-all-other-Participants - - -
To Place Mitigating-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts ABOVE: Using the workshop as offering Additional-Opportunities to:
Win-Arguments Win-Debates Win-Conflicts Win-Contests Defeat-Enemies Destroy-EVIL Eliminate-EVIL Be-In-Control Be-Dominant Be-Superior Maintain-Hierarchies Defend-the-Status-Quo Concentrate-Powers Concentrate-Wealth Get-More-of-Anything Defend-Advantages Locate-Vulnerabilities Expose-Vulnerabilities WIN Collusive Games of MSD Gain-More-Advantages Get-More-of-Anything Be-More-Egocentric Cling to-Defenses Affirm-Unilateral-Acts Be Greedy Hoard-Excesses Advance-Special-Interests Defeat-Anyone Threaten-any-Integrity Threaten-any-Truth Threaten-any-Person Threaten-any-Group Initiate New-Conflicts Augment-Old-Conflicts Threaten-Vulnerable-People Advance-Greedy-Causes Within the contexts enumerated above, participants do By-Their-Continued-Presence in Work-Shop- Activities - - - Covenant-to-Accept-and-Acknowledge Gracious-Reminders of the Covenants Indicated by Their-Continued-Presence within Work-Shop-Activities. It is understood that should there be disagreements about such matters, those disagreements may be discussed openly-and-honestly within a meeting of as many participants as can be assembled for such a discussion; in the hope of reaching a mutually agreeable consensus about how to resolved the disagreements.