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                   What are True-Lovers'   Required-To-Do   To-Be-Certified AS SUCH?

     True-Lovers'  Reflexive-Essential-Realities   which pertain to their    Best as regards:


Moods         Spirits      Attitudes     Approaches     Visions     Manners       Modes         Style

Hopes         Courage      Essence       Nature         Soul        Heart         Authenticity  Calling

Vocation      Tenacity     Grounding     Dreams         Presence    Influence     Being         Health

Integrity     Composure    Confidence    Influence      Honor       Intent        Hopes         Destiny


                                         CANNOT BE HELPFULLY:

Prescribed    Specified    Commanded     Required      Legislated   Controlled   Mandated      Managed

Administered  Manufactured Imposed       Dictated      Demanded     Engineered   Inserted      Injected


                                         BY ANY EXTERNAL SUPERIOR:

Force         Power         Technology   Agent          Governor     Administrator Commander     Emperor

King          Queen         Bullies      Mobsters       Gangs        Coalition     Tribes    or  Superior

Religion      Preachers     Politicians  Economists     Legislators  Judges        Police    or  gods.


It is virtually-never healthy/advisable for one person or group of persons to Unilaterally-and-Alienatively
Force-Coerce another person or group of persons - - - to do anything in the absence of Mutual-Agreement and
Appreciation - - - throughout the Mutually-Agreed-Upon-and-Assented-to Cooperative/Collaborative activity.

The above limitations pertain to almost all kinds of activities - - - with very rare exceptions - - - about
which each community needs to formulate its own broadly based consensuses as regards:

 1. Being with each other in close physical and/or communication presence - - - in clusters of two or more
    people with-or-without-physical, affectionate and/or sexual interactions of any kind.

 2. Being-Intimate in various ways in public and/or in private/isolated ways.

 3. Being engaged in open-and-honest dialogue about mutually agreed upon: realities, relationships, issues,
    alienative-conflicts, territories, possessions, activities, traditions, assumptions, beliefs, moods, 
    desires, fears, vulnerabilities, risks, costs, wants, etc.

 4. How the above observations pertain to all modes of: communication, sharing, giving, getting, intimacy,
    and interactions - - - physical, symbolic, formal, informal, intentional, unintentional, accidental,
    overt, covert, implicit, explicitly, etc.

 5. How the   Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters and Concentrators of Wealth, Power and
    Influence- - - with their affirmed-and-demonstrated Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, etc. - - - are
    in Alienative-Conflicts with the Essential-Foundations of Personal and Communal Integrity of True-Lovers 
    who are Graciously-Together in the Many-Integrative-Ways-of-Shalom.

 6. How Personal-and-Communal Health-and-Integrity are possible only to the extent that human-relationships 
    and Alienative-Conflict-Mitigations are managed through  Open-and-Honest Dialogues; Among-the-Participants
    and the Significantly-Affected-Persons within their communities - - - with exceptions being limited to
    clear cut cases of Domineering-Bullies creating and augmenting Alienative-Conflicts-with: Poor, Weak,
    Sick, Homeless, Hungry, Powerless and/or otherwise vulnerable people whose rights are violated.

 7. How it is dangerous to be Legalistic and/or Technocratic - - - in trying to come to the consensuses that
    need to evolve.