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As two or more people start to form an intimate-relationship; there are risks that:

 1. One of them expects to be in charge of the evolution of the whole-relationship, its purpose,
    its tone, mood, processes, duration and conclusion.

 2. One or more of them, will not be aware of the expectations-of-others-that-become-
    involved - - - or aware of how to protect the integrity of the evolving relationship.

 3. One or more of them, may confidently expect the relationship to evolve in some particular 
    way which is very unlikely for it to evolve; and ultimately be exceedingly disappointed.

 4. Those who are involved as participants and/or as by-standers - - - do not understand the 
    creative possibilities and hazards present in the process of evolution of the relationship.

 5. The people who are involved, may not understand the roles which the surrounding community
    is likely to play in the evolution of the relationship; through some lack of:  experience,
    information, understanding and/or conceptual frame-works.

 6. A surrounding community can:

    a. Act to SUPPRESS participants' moods to be: open, honest, in-dialogue, intimate, 
       affectionate, sexually-aware, graciously-together-in-shalom,etc.

                                 OR ELSE

    b. ENCOURAGE prudent-moods of the integrative-kinds suggested in the 
       previous few lines.