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Often we may not agree with each other about the natures of our Alienative-Conflicts, and about
how we might best cooperate to mitigate our Favorite-Alienative-Conflicts.

To Mitigate-our-Own-Alieinative-Conflicts;  we will probably need to develop some consensuses about:

 1. The Natures of the Elements-Within-Our-Conflicts:

    a. Between/Among: People, Rights, Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, 
       Ideas, Ideologies, Descriptions, Doctrines, Rituals, etc.

    b. Between/Among: Families, Tribes, Groups, Gangs, Organizations, Churches, Congregations,
       Corporations, Religions, Nations, etc.

    c. Regarding: Territories, Possessions, Friends, Partners, Employees, Relationships, Intimacies,
       Friendships, Candidates, Goods, Services, Controls, Domination, Dominance, Profits, Pollutants,               Candidates, Influence, Officials, Jobs, Duties, Rights, Powers, Responsibilities, Authorities,
       Images, Texts, Scriptures, Music, Inventions, Things, Stuff, Objects, Patents, Business, 
       Customers, Advertisements, etc.

    d. About the Signs of the Presence of: Conflicts, Absence-of-Conformity, Absence-of-Conflicts,
       Transcendence of Conflicts, Worship of Conflicts, Letting-Go-of-Conflicts, Profits from
       Conflicts, Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes, Colonialism, Segregation, Hierarchies,
       Ranks, Orders, etc.

    e. What can take the place of Focusing-upon-Conflicts - - - and thereby Mitigate 

 2. The Essential-Natures of GOOD-and-EVIL - - - and about how the two words can be used helpfully 
    in Mitigating-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - e.g., in focusing upon where, when and in what 
    GOOD-and-EVIL can helpfully said to be "present-in", "reside-in", "be-influential-in" our 
    Conflicted-Personal-Relationships - - - and about what we can "do" about GOOD-and-EVIL - - - - 
    and about what influences "GOOD-and-EVIL" can have upon us as persons, upon our relationships,
    possessions, communities and communal relationships.

 3. The natures-of-people whom we can prudently-and-wisely: Trust, Honor, Admire, Imitate, Elect-to-
    Power, Be-intimate-with, Love, Honor, and Obey.

 4. The nature of Honorable-and-Reliable: Truths, Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Descriptions,
    visions, hopes, expectations, procedures, organizations, fellowships, controls, standards, and 

 5. The Natures of Our: Addictions, Codependent-Supporters, Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters, Collusive-
    Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, Domination, Alienation, Reconciliation, Healings, Health,
    Integrities, Integrative-Processes, etc.

In Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts there are people who Object-to Aspects-of-Each-Other's:

Behaviors      Thoughts      Desires      Intentions     Relationships     Intimacies    Communities

Affirmations   Presences     Tolerance    Denigrations   Negations         Controls      Dominance

Ownership      Beliefs       Negligence   Absence        Perversions       Creativity    Explorations

Non-Conformity Actions       Associations Dress          Songs             Music         Descriptions

Such "Objections" are rarely "Objective"  and are rarely "Graciously-Helpful" in Mitigating-Our-Own-

People may be involved within Alienative-Conflicts without there being any clear focus - - - other 
than that they traditionally do not trust each other - - - because of the stories which have been told 
about each other and about their ancestors!  The pervasive telling of such stories Do-Create their own 
kinds of Alienative-Conflicts and Distrust - - - which endure so long as people do not intentionally
cooperate in Mitigating-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts which are echoes of Ancient-Distrust that has 
yet to be Mitigated in any Intentionally-Gracious-Ways-of-Shalom.

Beware of assuming that there is some objective reality - - - which is the focus of each conflict 
- - - over which people are fighting.

Beware of assuming that in the absence of an objective-reality - - - there must be a reflexive-reality 
- - - which is more "real" than a tradition-of-distrust - - - and over which there is some contest, 
battle, fight, etc.

Conflicts can be No-More-than-Traditions - - - that we need to Intentionally and Graciously Mitigate!