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Domineering-Bullies Augment their Ranks through combinations of the following recruitment-
strategies and induction-procedures:

 1. Generating-Confusion through Peer-Pressures,

 2. Making Seductive-Offers of Benefits to be Gained by Greedy-People, 

 3. Misleading-Representations of their Life-Styles,

 4. Misleading-Sales-Pitches by Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes about overall Net-Gains,

 5. Lectures about the Theory of Just-Wars - - - while ignoring the realities of just going to war,

 6. Lectures about the Theory of Redemptive-Violence - - - in the absence of the realities of Violence,

 7. Isolation from Gracious-Dialogues with True-Lovers living in Shalom's Sanctuaries.

 8. The Denigration of True-Lovers as lacking Courage and Strength to Mitigate-Alienative-Conflicts,

 9. Ridiculing how few successes True-Lovers have had in winning Alienative-Fights-and-Battles,

10. Praising the "successful-battles" of Domineering-Bullies with totally unbalanced perspectives,

11. Hiding the true costs of the Alienations generated by Domineering-Bullies,

12. Hiding the true costs of the Coercive-Unilateral-Actions of Domineering-Bullies,

13. Hiding the true-costs of the Repressions of Truths by Domineering-Bullies,

14. Hiding the true-costs of the Suppressions of Discussions of Truths by Domineering-Bullies,

15. Hiding the true-costs of the Depressions of Participants in the activities of Violent-Bullies,

16. Painting Romantic-Images of Domineering-Bullies as Generating Over-all-Long-Term Net-Gains-for-ALL.

17. Inhibiting Reflexive-Systems-Analyses of the "fruits" of Domineering-Bullies-Activities.

18. Seducing Young, Vulnerable and Poor People with few opportunities open to them.

19. Seducing Young, Vulnerable and Poor People who have been victimized as segregated minority people.

20. Seducing Young People with no alternatives in life.

21. Painting Rosy-Pictures of the Dangerous-Depressing-Adventures in being with Domineering-Bullies.