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People who seek to benefit from clear and enduring understandings about how we can Mitigate-our-Own-
Alienative-Conflicts - - - need to-seek-out and to-engage-in Gracious-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues - - -
with people who differ in the own understandings of texts which trouble them. 

Such people need To-Be-Together In-Their-Readings of the Troubling-Texts; and in their sharing of
their differing-responses to the Troubling-Texts.  

The more we spend our time with people whose responses to texts that are echoes-of-our-own-responses
- - - the less we gain in understandings of and in learning about whatever troubles us and others!

Such Isolation does-not-help-us to Mitigate-our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts!   That should not surprise
us or others; if we are In-Tune With-Our-Environments!