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Keys ****

What Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Criteria, etc. - - - are Most-Likely to Help-US to 
Move-Toward-the-Gracious Facilitation of-the-Mitigation of Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - 
In-the-Long-Term in SUSTAINABLE-WAYS. 

Consider the following possible-options - - - which may not have been Well-Tried very-many-times 
in the-unbiased-ways-of LOVE - - - within True-Sanctuaries wherein ALL persons are Truly-Free to 
be Safely-Vulnerable - - - about ALL-of-their-True: Needs, Vulnerabilities, Disabilities, Injuries, 
Dis-Eases, Errors, Mistakes, Stumbles, Terrors, Illnesses, etc.

1. Open-and-Honest-Dialogues in Smaller-Groups are more likely to Survive; than in Larger-Groups.
2. Focusing upon Small Coherent Clusters of SUSTAINABLE: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues; not 
   isolated risky ones.
3. Focusing upon clarifying and confirming the articulations of our CORE: Attitudes, assumptions
   Presuppositions, and Ultimate-Concerns - - - will be more likely to survive in SUSTAINABLE-WAYS 
   - - - than focusing upon winning any of the following:

   a. Particular Legislative-Battles in the context of Alienative-Conflicts.

   b. A 51% to 60% Coalition-Base in an enduring Alienative-Conflict.

   c. One of many Mutually-Exclusive POSITIONS in an Alienative-Conflict.

   d. Superiority in Dominating-Others through: Negations, Denigrations, Alienations, Name-Calling, 
      Emoting, Labeling people as GOOD/EVIL, Maintaining-Exclusive-Clubs, etc.

   e. Contests over Misleading-Characterizations of our contestants and/or enemies their: intentions,
      motivations, proposals, assumptions, attitudes, presuppositions, needs and ultimate concerns.

   f. Concentrations of Wealth, Power and Influence - - - to become Dominant-Leaders-in-OUR-Communities.

   g. Superiority in: Posturing, Positioning, Purity, Certainty, Power, Wealth, Prestige, Honors, 
      Successes, Investments, Controls, etc.

   h. WINNING Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception regarding anything which stands in our way of 
      getting what we want.

   i. Put-Downs and Excommunications of vulnerable-people who are: poor, sick, homeless, migrants, 
      immigrants, and/or VICTIMS of wars/terrorists/bullies/mobbing-mobsters of any kind.

   4. Focusing upon  ADMIRABLE  and   GRACIOUSLY-SUSTAINABLE  Life-Styles; and upon the ideals, 
      values, principles, and virtues that are affirmed therein - - - will be more likely to be 
      graciously helpful in Mitigating-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts;  RATHER-THAN  Focusing-Much-

   a. Individual "special" persons of any kind.
   b. Isolated Vulnerable-Persons and/or Groups of Persons.
   c. Isolated Superior-Persons and/or Groups of Persons.
   d. Particular Complex Legislative Proposals and Suggestions.
   e. Who is: Guilty, To-Be-Blamed, To-Be-Shamed, To-Be-Punished, etc.
   f. Gossip and Hear-Say "Evidence" about any person(s) and/or behavior(s).
   g. The uninformed/thoughtless "views" and "opinions" of any kinds of people "under-pressure".
   h. Canned responses to leading/coercive questions framed by domineering "reporters"/"interviewers".
   i. Successful Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters.

5. Focusing upon Gracious-Official-Uses of Power-and-Influence by Elected Governmental-Officials,
   Corporate-Executives, Legislators, Religious-Leaders and Administrators - - - will-be-more long-
   term-sustainable than ALIENATIVELY-FOCUSING upon the details of their private lives and gossip 
   - - - just recently "revealed".