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Domineering-Bullies work Most-Profitably with what they can Unilaterally-Manipulate, Control, Use and Abuse - - -
as Technical-Tools with which to Control-Other-People's-Lives; e.g., with Commandments, Laws, Duties, Demands, etc.

True-Lovers Guide-Their-Own-Lives in terms of Coherent-Clusters of Mutually-Supportive-and-Balanced: Ideals, 
Values, Principles, and Virtues - - - which help them-all-together in Shalom  to  Cooperate/Collaborate/Communicate
and Be-Graciously-Together-in-Shalom's Many-Integrative-Ways-of-LOVE; intimately aware of each other's most healthy
and basic true needs in Mutually Supportive, Generous and Hospitable Ways.

The Alienative-Techniques of Domineering-Bullies - - - often initiate-and-augment - - - Alienative-Interactions-and-
Relationships which involve: Coercion, Violence, Resentment, Rebellions, Exclusivity, Prejudices, Ignorance, etc.
Excommunications offer no solutions or means of reconciliation.


Being-Graciously-Cooperative within Shalom's Many-Diverse-Gracious-Ways-of-LOVE Involves Participant-True-Lovers
in Mutually-Supportive Collaborative-Efforts - - - to Mitigate-their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts over Ideals, Values, 
Principles, Virtues, Hopes and Aspirations.  They help each other to become well informed about, sensitive-to,
empathetic-with, and sympathetic-toward each other's most healthy-basic-true: needs, fears, risks, terrors, visions,
hopes, aspirations, vulnerabilities, and disabilities - - - Within-Safe-Sanctuaries-for-All.

The Gracious-Intimate-Relationships which are Essential-to-the-Well-Integrative-Lives of True-Lovers:

Are-TABOO to Domineering-Bullies as Threats-to-Their-Freedoms to Affirm-and-Demonstrate their Life-Styles and
all that they stand for: Good-Concentrations-of-Great-Powers, Good-Concentrations-of-Great-Wealth, Rule-by-Superior
People-of-God,  Redemptive-Violence,  Redemptive-Coercion,  Redemptive-Profitable-Wars focused on Evil-People and
Evil-Terrorists,  Economic-Exponential-Growth,  and Exponential-Growths in Standards-of-Living-for-All GOOD-PEOPLE
within God's Astronomically-Tiny-AND-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth.

Accurate-and-Clear Descriptions of these troubling-realities which are Essential to the Sustainable-Lives of True-
Lovers - - - Obscure and/or are very distressing to Domineering-Bullies who are trapped within the Dis-Eased Life-
Styles of: 

Alienative-Conflicts   Violent-Destruction     Conflicted-Relationships     Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception

Exponential-Growths    Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes          Resource-Depletions/Exhaustions

Power-Concentrations   Wealth-Concentrations   Poverty-Augmentations        Destructions-of-True-Democracies

Augmented-Colonialism  Supported-Dictatorships Building-Empires             Disintegrating-Civility/Civilizations

Unrestrained-Profits   Unregulated-Economics   Alienative-Economic-Systems  Indifference to Distributive-Injustices

Honored-Mobbing-Mobsters/Domineering-Bullies   Honored-Winners-of-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception-for-ALL.


To the extent that Honored-Leaders in the above kinds of activities are In-Control of the Generally-Accepted-
Standards for Acceptable-Behavior and Inclusion-in-the-Enjoyment of the Benefits-of-Civility-Work-and-Creativity
---  To-that-Extent the foundations of Sustainable-Civilizations are UNDERMINED - - - because LEADING Domineering-
Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters are DUTY-BOUND TO:

 1. Support the Concentration of Powers and Wealth without Any-Restraint - - - because On-Principle they do NOT
    affirm any Integrative-Processes or any Present-Integrities/Ideals;  which are Authentic, Open, Honest or 
    Inclusive of: Widows, Orphans, New-Borns, Children, Adolescents, Sick-People, Injured-People, Alienated-People
    or elderly people unable to earn a living and/or without other means of getting their most healthy and basic
    needs met.

 2. Undermine Open-and-Honest-Dialogues among True-Lovers within Integrative-Sanctuary-Communities - - - That are
    Dangerously-Available to Terrorists who are intent upon undermining the good orders of the Military-Industrial-
    Congressional-Profitable Complexes.

 3. Undermine Credibility/Honors of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters, their Life-Styles, and their:
    Ideals, Values, Principles, "Virtues", Ideologies, Perspectives and Goals.

 4. Keep Economic-Growth expanding at Exponential-Rates which are NOT-SUSTAINABLE within God's Astronomically-Tiny
    and Astronomically-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth - - - no matter what the CHAOTIC-CONSEQUENCES MAY TURN OUT TO BE!

 5. Suppressing Honest-Communications about the above realities By-All-Means-Possible - - - in spite of
    constitutionally guaranteed: communication, meeting and petition-rights.  Concentrated Wealth-and-Powers
    must be maintained by those who have It-ALL.  They had the right to GET-IT.  Now they have the right to KEEP-IT!