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What are some of the ways in which traditional-mind-sets-and-behaviors are likely to Divert-the-Efforts 
of people who are seeking to help each other to move toward Mitigating Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts?

 1. Asking such people to give opinions about news-worthy controversial issues and for positions that
    people should take on those controversial issues; without time to become informed about them or to
    give careful consideration to the complex aspects of the Issues-and-Positions That-Are-Evolving.

 2. Asking such people to join-in-a-coalition supporting the Evolving-Positions of a forming coalition of
    distressed persons.

 3. Asking such people for financial-contributions to support a crusade That-is-Forming to support
    an Evolving-Position that expresses the Fears, Anxieties and Desires of Troubled-People.

 4. Asking such people to start-donating time-and-energy to support some of the above activities;
    and by implication, asking them to fail to fulfill EXISTING committments, promises and
    integrative-activities which are essential-to-their-their-own-personal-and-communal integrities.