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In the absence of clear guidelines to help us to reliably recognize Domineering-Bullies, how are young 
people to recognize the difference between Self-Righteous Domineering-Bullies who are pretending to be 
teaching how to be "good-people" - - - and Authentic-True-Lovers in LOVE truly working to help 
vulnerable people to Mitigate their Own Alienative Conflicts - - - rather than what they really are: 
Domineering-Bullies Wearing the skins of Sheep that they have killed.

Domineering-Bullies develop sophisticated ways to make themselves appear to be reliable "good" citizens
who are working to promote and facilitate both personal and communal integration processes and the
present integrities.  We need clear guidelines to help us to reliably recognize which people's reputations
are not truly authentic.  Are particular-persons concentrating wealth and power?  Are they practicing 
hospitality?  Do they facilitate and promote Distributive-Justice; i.e., the care of widows, orphans, hungry, 
sick and homeless people who are victims of tragic outcomes of greed and the life-styles of domineering-bullies?  
Such questions need to be asked every day about the people who are most obviously wealthy, powerful and 

What additional questions can you recommend be included in assessment guidelines?