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Domineering-Bullies who try to Control-and-Dominate Vulnerable-People's healthy: Private-Lives, Open-and-
Honest-Dialogues, Friendships, Intimate-Relationships, Sexual-Relationships and other forms of Honest-
Communications - - - act-in-unilateral-ways that UNDERMINE Healthy-Forms-of:

 1. Integrative-Processes of all Kinds,
 2. Present-Integrities of both Personal-and-Communal Forms,
 3. Mitigations of Alienative-Conflicts,
 4. Reconciliation,
 5. Diplomacy,
 6. Creativity,
 7. Exploration,
 8. Colaboration,
 9. Cooperation,
10. Objective-Systems-Analyses,
11. Reflexive-Systems-Analyses,
12. Resolving-Dilemmas,
13. Setting-Communal-Priorities-Democratically,
14. Setting-Personal-Priorities-Authentically,
15. Helping People to get their most basic healthy needs met,
16. Distributive-Justice,
17. Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about all of these items,
18. Communication-Rights in Bills-of-Rights-and-Constitutions,
19. The United-Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
20. The Most-Universal Religious-Teaching about Distributive-Justice.