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Communal: ideals, values, principles, virtues, hopes, aspirations, expectations, etc. - - - are embodied
in Communal: Consensuses, Affirmations, Demonstrations, Rituals, Traditions, Conceptual-Frame-Works,
Ideologies, Mind-Sets, Moods, etc.

Communal: Health, Integrities, Integration-Processes, Sustainability, Civility and Civilizations - - -
are NOT in-any-meaningful-sense; Just-the-Sum of the attributes of Isolated/Alienated Individual-Members-
of-Communities - - - In the absence of Thoughtful-and-Intentional Communal-Integration-Processes and of
Communal-Collaborative-Efforts to Facilitate-the-Mitigations by Communal-Residents of their Own-Alienative-
Conflicts.  The latter are not Just-Sums of Individual-Isolated-Efforts!   They are the Fruits of the 
efforts of an Intentional-Well-Integrated-Community acting with Communal-Integrity!

Communal: Health-and-Integrity are the Intentional-Fruits of Intentional-Whole-Communal-Cooperative-Efforts;
NOT the Automatic-Un-Intentional-Fruits of Efforts by Egocentric-Individuals doing what they Individually-
See as Best-for-themselves. 

Where there is NO Shared-Communal-Vision of the Long-Term-Sustainable-Health-and-Integrity of the Whole-Crew
of God's-Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth - - -  which is Essentially-Isolated from all Extra-Terrestrial 
Material-Resources that are most like the most coveted Material-Resources inside of Space-Ship-Earth - - -

                There is no Well-Grounded-Hope for any Long-Term-Sustainable
                Personal-or-Communal  Health-and-Integrity in God's Space-Ship
                Earth - - - Isolated as it Really-Is.

The above considerations pertain to the Long-Term Sustainability-and-Integrity of All-Human:

Economic-Systems                        Distributive-Justice-Systems		

Energy-Distribution-Systems             Communal-Security-Systems	

Health-Care-Systems                     Natural-Disaster-Recovery-Systems	

Natural-Resources-Distribution-Systems  Exponential-Growth-Management-Systems

Alienative-Conflict-Mitigation-Systems  Reconciliation-Systems

                                        Within Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth.