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    Are we Evolving Our-Own Mind-Sets in Love?

    Are we Mitigating Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts in Love?

    How shall we respond to Domineering-Bullies's efforts to silence troubling descriptions of
    their Alienative-Conflicts within their States-of-Alienation?   What are their and our "rights"?

    It Can-be-Helpful for readers of essays at to respond to what they discern in the texts;
    by Calling-Attention-to:

 1. Human experiences and affirmations that are complimentary to those alluded-to in essays.

 2. Human experiences and affirmations that call into question those alluded-to in essays.

 3. Ways to clarify what the essays in point to, allude-to, and/or seem-to-sayimply.

 4. Ways to paraphrase in different ways/languages/spirits - - - what the texts seem-to-say/imply.

 5. The readers' responses which cast new perspectives upon what the texts seem-to-say/imply.

 6. Ways to clarify how-different-readers-discern what they find in texts in - - - 
    because they bring different heritages to their readings and discernment-processes.

 7. Ways to clarify the  differences-between  different-readers'  reflexive-relationships.

 8. Ways to clarify the  differences-between  reflexive-relationships   and   objective-relationships.

 9. Ways to focus upon Mitigating-Our-Alienative-Conflicts; rather than Augmenting Them-and-Alienations.

    It will not be helpful to respond by engaging in behaviors which are: arrogant, pretentious, violent,
    destructive, contentious, negative, polarizing, denigrating, dismissive, exclusive, and/or Augmenting:
    Alienative-Conflicts and States-of-Alienation.