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		Alienation can be generated by each of the following:

 1. Unilateral-Actions of Domineering-Bullies who intentionally seek to: cut, confuse and/or block
    channels-of-communication between/among known persons and/or groups-of-people.

 2. Alienative-Conflicts which create conditions-of-: distrust, fear, anxiety, resentment, anger
    prejudice, arrogance, self-righteousness, pretentiousness, animosity, etc. - - - that: cut, 
    confuse and/or block channels-of-communication between/among persons and/or groups-of-people.

 3. Extended durations-of-separation and therein people evolving in the absence of communications 
    and/or common environments, dilemmas, problems, pleasures, etc.

 4. The use of languages to encourage people to dwell on visions of unrealistic, impossible, and/or
    alienative ways to be: saved, redeemed, invulnerable, superior, safe, dominant, immortal, etc.

 5. The formation of coalitions - - - dedicated to the domination of vulnerable/weak/sick/poor people.

 6. Processes of concentrating wealth, powers and influence at the expense of vulnerable/weak/sick/poor
    people who may be totally unaware of how they are being treated.

 7. "Economic-Systems" which are structured in ways which generate the above and other alienative ways
    being members of God's Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth which is Essentially-
    Isolated from all Extra-Terrestrial Material-Resources most like those most coveted inside of
    Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth with its Processes of Exponential-Growth that are exhausting many resources.

 8. Other ways not included above.