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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== Click on WELCOME for a quick tour of ========================================================== %COURSE INTRODUCTION MITIGATION ALIENATIVE CONFLICT 080713 %NET REDUCTION ALIENATION LONG TERM ALL KINDS COSTS 080713 %HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS EVOLVING CONFLICTS SPACE SHIP 080713 %EARTH HABITABLE PLANET FINITE RESOURCE TEMPERATURE 080713 %GRACIOUS OPEN HONEST BALANCED DIALOGUE PERCEPTIONS 080713 %PERSPECTIVES ASSUMPTIONS ATTITUDES VALUES IDEALS 080713 %GOALS HOPES ASPIRATIONS VIRTUES VICES GOOD EVIL 080713 The following might serve as an introduction to a course on the MITIGATION-of-Alienative-Conflicts; i.e. the Net- Reduction in All-Kinds-Of Long-Term-Human-Costs of the diverse Evolving-Alienative-Conflicts within Space-Ship- Earth. All participants in this course will be encouraged to focus (as graciously as they can) their own and each other's attention upon clear, accurate and honest descriptions of each other's: perspectives, assumptions, attitudes, values, ideals, goals, hopes, aspirations, etc. --- which are relevant to our being/becoming able to CONSTRUCTIVELY-MITIGATE Alienative-Behaviors of all kinds. Different ones of us inevitably embody different perspectives, assumptions, attitudes, values, ideals, goals, hopes, aspirations, etc. --- which will inevitably lead us into conflicts over our efforts to control the Finite-Available: territories, land, water, air, soil, plants, animals, foods, oil. coal, buildings, roads, transportation, etc. Within-Space-Ship-Earth --- in the face of our Exponential-Patterns-of-Growth of (1) The number of us within Space-Ship-Earth and (2) Our individual personal-expectations-and-demands that our needs and wants be satisfied within our foreseeable future. Given the above; it will be inevitable that we will need to talk openly and honestly about the roots of our Alienative-Human-Conflicts pertaining to the: 1. Finitude of Space-Ship-Earth within the whole Cosmos. 2. Finitude of All Natural Resources here within Earth. 3. Peaking in rates of consumption of each of the above. 4. Conflicts between groups' perspectives/values/ideals. 5. Conflicts over our life-styles and traditions. 6. Conflicts over our definitions of Virtues and Vices. 7. Conflicts over how best to mitigate Our-Alienations. 8. Playing of Alienative-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception. 9. Settling ancient scores due to our past conflicts. 10. Natures of: Good, Evil, Health, Integrity, Reverence. 11. Natures of realities which we cannot Truly-Control. 12. Natures of relationships we can Truly-Admire/Revere. We will need to truly hear and acknowledge what each other has to say in diverse ways --- and to hear and acknowledge what each participant has to share in response --- regarding all of the above --- and about other related realities. We will need to acknowledge the articulations of and defenders of the Rights-Enumerated in the United Nations' Declaration of "Universal Human Rights"; Nations' and States' Constitutions and Bills-of-Rights; and the widely respected "Policy Documents & Statements" published by the American Association of University Professors --- in what is informally called the AAUP "Red-Book" --- because it is bright red. The "Red-Book" contains a relevant "Joint Statement on Rights and Freedoms of Students". We will need to acknowledge the diligent efforts of the AAUP, ACLU, Labor Unions and major religious institutions --- to defend rights here referenced; along with other defended rights of vulnerable people that are not here referenced. Often seminars, courses and training focus upon "Conflict- Resolution". This course will focus in ways which might best be described as being about the MITIGATION-of- Alienative-Conflicts and Related-Other-Realities; and so focus upon the AUGMENTATION of contrasting other realities listed below in on the right. Note that to MITIGATE those indicated on the left, it is helpful to AUGMENT realities indicated on the right below, through our overall behavior patterns; even if not in obvious direct responses: MITIGATING By Overall-AUGMENTING Alienative-Conflicts Reconciling-Hospitality, Violent-Domination Gracious-Generosity, Contentious-Violence Kind-Sympathy, Destructive-Disintegrations Integrative-Honest-Dialogue, Arrogance-and-Hubris Humble-Listening, Self-Righteousness Collaborative-Assistance, Dishonesty-and-Pretentions Authentic-Transparency, Misleading-Representations Revealing-Suggestions, Misleading-Behaviors Authentic-Personal-Integrity Realities above on the left AUGMENT each other. Realities above on the right AUGMENT each other. Realities above on the left MITIGATE those on the right. Realities above on the right MITIGATE those on the left. In coordinated ways we need to chose which to MITIGATE by which we chose to AUGMENT. This course will focus on how to EMPHASIZE the MITIGATION of those on the LEFT by EMPHASIZING the AUGMENTATION of those on the RIGHT. We can AVOID AUGMENTATIONS of realities noted on the LEFT By AVOIDING MITIGATIONS of realities noted on the RIGHT It will help if we engage in open and honest dialogue about how and why the inter-connections implied above do exist within our lives and relationships. We need to understand how the above realities are interlinked as suggested. In real life situations the above kinds of efforts are not likely to be fruitful --- in the ABSENCE of the following Intentional -Kinds of Laying-of-Gracious- Foundations to MITIGATE the presence of: ignorance, misunderstandings, prejudices, anger, distrust and animosity --- within our interacting communities. 1. Would-be-MITIGATORS of the realities listed above on the left --- will do well to become familiar with the following aspects of the people who are victims of the relevant realities such as those listed above on the left. a. Cultural, Religious, Scientific, Linguistic and other kinds of histories; including dialects and significant technical-languages and idioms of the leaders and members of the communities. b. Well defined factions within generally recognized boarders, and crossing such boarders; and their histories of conflicts/violence with each other and/or with common-adversaries and enemies. c. Histories of concentration of wealth, power and other means of influence; and of the lives of their noted leaders that played significant roles in those histories --- and how well such leaders are now known and viewed. d. The natural resources and creative activities that have played significant roles in the histories of the victims --- relating to realities listed above on the left. e. The religious, ideological, cultural, scientific, and scholarly frameworks which have played major roles in victims trying to make sense of their suffering in the past. f. How the above victims are likely to view the persons who are seeking to help them as victims; to mitigate their experience of realities listed above on the lift. g. The languages most commonly used by the victims to talk about their experiences of the realities listed above on the left. h. Other aspects which are central to the histories as viewed by people now in the communities. 2. Would-be-MITIGATORS need to be openly honest about their own limits and limitations; and not to presume to achieve perfection in their efforts. Be-Together in the Many-Gracious Ways of Shalom. (c) 2008 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================