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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== Click on WELCOME for a quick tour of ========================================================== %DOMINATING FEARS EXPOSURE HONESTY ABOUT CONTROL 080703 %THOUGHTS FEELINGS EMOTIONS DESIRES HOPES ASPIRE 080703 %VULNERABILITY WEAKNESS UNPREDICTABLE IGNORANCE 080703 Because of Domineering-Bullies' dedications to being in control and to concentrating power and wealth; they are Dominated-by-their-Fears of Exposures of, and Honesty- About: 1. Whatever is Essentially-Uncontrollable-by-others; e.g., people's: thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, hopes, aspirations, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, risks, anger, resentments, etc. 2. Unpredictable-Developments --- as in Chaos-Theory, Alienations, Complex-Relationships, Large-Groups- Relationships, Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, Addictions, and Codependent-Supporters of Addictions. 3. The Net-Costs of: False-Certainty, Arrogance, Self- Righteousness and Alienative-Behaviors. 4. Whatever realities are being denied in Collusive- Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception; such as: Human-Mortality, Human-Limitations, Earth's-Finitude, Limited-Fuels, Global-Warming, Melting-Ice, Heating-Rising-Oceans, Exponential-Growth, Consequences-of-Dishonesty, Unhealthy- Sexuality, Dysfunctional-Personal-Relationships, What- realities-can-be-Evil, etc. 5. The fact that Domineering-Bullies cannot With- Integrity maintain their Paradigm-for-Success while admitting how Essential-to-Personal-and-Communal-Integrity Open-and-Honest-Dialogue is within Healthy-Intimacies; including within Healthy-Sexual-Relationships. For Domineering-Bullies the latter entail unacceptable levels of the risk of having to acknowledge Bullies' lacks of Authenticity and Integrity. They dare not ever get Much- Involved with True-Lovers! 6. The fact that Domineering-Bullies cannot With- Integrity Unilaterally-Control the Inevitable-Risks which exist within occasions of True: Cooperation, Collaborations, Friendships, Intimacies and Healthy- Sexual-Relationships. 7. The fact that Religious-Leaders, Theologians, and God-Talkers cannot Predicate/Maintain the Existence of any Transcendent-God and/or Heaven which Impinges upon humans --- but Upon-Which Humans-CANNOT-Impinge in Mutually- Satisfactory ways. 8. The fact that Far-Too-Often Religious-Leaders, Theologians and God-Talkers have been Domineering-Bullies and/or dominated by Domineering-Bullies; and so they have not been: Authentic, Honest, Integrators or True-Lovers. Be-Together in the Many-Gracious Ways of Shalom. (c) 2008 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================