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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== Click on WELCOME for a quick tour of ========================================================== %CONSENSUSES WITHIN HEALTHY INTEGRATIVE COMMUNITIES 080418 %SYSTEMS ANALYSIS PRECONDITIONS HEALTHY REFLEXIVE 080418 %GOOD RELATIONSHIPS OPEN HONEST DIALOGUE KNOWLEDGE 080418 Each Healthy/Integrative Person/Community Has-Developed Widely-Shared-Consensuses about the FOLLOWING-DESCRIPTIONS of the Alienative-Aspects of OUR-COLLUSIVE-GAMES-of-MUTUAL SELF-DECEPTION: 1. It is TABOO to Acknowledge-the-Existence of any Collusive-Game-of-Mutual-Self-Deception in any Reflexive- Relationships; ESPECIALLY-TABOO within our own Reflexive- Relationships. 2. On Pain-of-Exclusion/Death We-ALL-Require-Each-Other TO-ENFORCE such TABOOS-WHICH-DO-NOT-EXIST! 2. IT-Is-TABOO to Describe-these-Aspects within any Open-and-Honest Patterns-of-Dialogue Within-Any-Sanctuary. 3. IT-Is-TABOO to Describe-Accurately How-We-Entered Into-these-Agreements about OUR-COLLUSIVE-GAMES of MUTUAL- SELF-DECEPTION. 4. IT-Is-TABOO to Describe-Accurately How-We-Enforce these TABOOS-WHICH-DO-NOT-EXIST! 5. All-TABOOs (including these which DO-NOT-EXIST) are enforced through the use-and-abuse of threats-of-personal- and-communal: rejection, abandonment, excommunication, banishment, denigrations, torture, etc. WHICH NEVER-EXIST. 6. We must never anticipate, envision, dream-about, tolerate, accept, affirm, or demonstrate any hint that we might FIND-ANY-WAY-OUT of these collusive-games-of-mutual- self-deception WHICH-DO-NOT-EXIST. All of those unthinkable-possibilities are absolutely TABOO --- because THEY-DO-NOT EXIST and are UTTERLY-IMPOSSIBLE-FORBIDDEN. Were they to be acknowledged; our-cosmos-would-collapse! 7. We must never Recognize-Acknowledge-0r-Accurately- Describe Any-of-the-Following --- as possible foci for Denials-of-Reality --- WITHIN our Mutually-Constraining and Mutually-Disintegrating NON-EXISTENT playing of ----- COLLUSIVE-GAMES-OF-MUTUAL-SELF-DECEPTION: Abet-Our-Own or Any-Other-Person's: a. Inevitable-deaths-of-any-kind. b. Inevitable Limits, limitations, constraints, etc. c. Mistakes, blunders, tragedies, and/or alienations. d. Ignorance, biases, prejudices, injustices. e. Transcendence and/or letting-go-of any taboos. f. Imaginations of ever letting-go-of any taboos. g. Recognitions of the costs of clinging to taboos. h. Acknowledgments of costs of clinging to taboos. i. Accurate telling of costs of clinging to taboos. j. Listening to the costs of clinging to taboos. k. Military-Industrial-Complexes of Eisenhower-Fame. l. All-Community-Destroying Dismal-Economic-Systems. m. All-Single-Bottom-Line Profitable-Corporations. n. All-Alienative-Behaviors of Domineering-Bullies. o. Systemic-Patterns of Distributive-Injustice. p. Alienative-Systemic-Concentrations of Wealth. q. Alienative-Systemic-Concentrations of Powers. r. Alienative-Systemic-Concentrations of Influence. s. Un-authorized and/or Risky Friendships/Intimacies t. Un-explored patterns of Open-Honest-Dialogues. u. Alienative-Consequences of Fear-and-Domination. v. Systems-Analyses of our Reflexive-Relationships. w. The Implications of Possibly-Loving-Our-Neighbors x. The Implications of Possibly-Trusting-Strangers. y. The Implications of Knowing-who-is-Good-Alone. z. The Implications of Knowing-who-is-Evil-Alone. Always beware of what each other is thinking! ============================================= Be-Liberated by Letting-Go of Collusive GMSD! Be-Together in the Many-Gracious Ways of Shalom. (c) 2008 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ========================================================== Click on WELCOME for a quick tour of ==========================================================