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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== Click on WELCOME for a quick tour of ========================================================== %HIDDEN COLLUSIONS ADDICTIONS CODEPENDENCIES BLIND 080117 %BLIND MASKS MISREPRESENTATIONS REFLEXIVE REALITIES 080117 %FORMS INJUSTICE CONCEALED INSENSITIVITY LIGHT DEAF 080117 %BLIND DUMB SIMPLISTIC SIMPLETON TRAGIC FRUIT CAUSE 080117 %EFFECT AFFECT FEELING RESENTMENT ANGER RAGE BITTER 080117 %ALIENATIVE BEHAVIORS RESPONSES PUNISHMENT PRISONS 080117 Many Common-Forms-of-Injustice are CONCEALED by various Forms-of-Insensitivity to: 1. Light in Blindness, 2. Sound in Deafness, 3. Touch in the Absence of Sympathy/Empathy, 4. Feelings in Domination, 5. Distributive-Injustice in Profitable-Capitalism, 6. Arrogance and Self-Righteousness in Fundamentalism, 7. Domination and Controls in Addiction/Codependence, 8. Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception in Fear. Many Common-Forms-of-Injustice are CONCEALED by various FORMS-of-MISREPRESENTATIONS of REFLEXIVE-REALITIES such as Personal, Corporate, Political, Religious, Institutional, Business, Tribal, State, National, and International: 1. Intentions, 2. Approaches, 3. Expectations, 4. Motivations, 5. Calculations, 6. Plans, 7. Hopes, 8. Investments, 9. Profits, 10. Returns, 11. Advantages, 12. Vulnerabilities, 13. Invulnerability, 14. Technologies, 15. Systems-Analyses, 16. Bonds-Securities-and-Equities, 17. Coalitions, 18. Security-Councils, 19. Technocrats, 20. Technocracies, 21. Perspectives, 22. Beliefs, 23. Doctrines, 24. Rituals, 25. Etc. The distinctions between and among realities which are: objective, subjective, reflexive, mythological, addictive, codependent, scientific, spiritual, religious, personal, corporate, nationalistic, militaristic, collusive, etc. ----- are more difficult to expose helpfully --- than most vulnerable people recognize. The Powers-that-Be work to keep the above distinctions concealed behind confusions generated by: masks, blinds, noises, news and advertisements --- generated by various forms of advertising and evangelism --- seeking to maximize their various forms of hidden gains and/or profits. ==========================================================