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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== Click on WELCOME for a quick tour of ========================================================== %STUDENTS RIGHTS AT COLLEGES UNIVERSITIES ACCURATE 080116 %INFORMATION FOUND INSTITUTIONAL WEB SITES SEARCHED 080116 %WORLD WIDE WEB SEARCH ENGINE KEYWORDS ABOUT RIGHTS 080116 %DEFINED PROTECTED AFFIRMED DEFEND FORMAL SECURITY 080116 %ACADEMIC SANCTUARY FREEDOMS TRUTH TRUE LOVER OPEN 080116 %HONEST DIALOGUES BEING TOGETHER SAFELY VULNERABLE 080116 These are some preliminary notes made while thinking about offering at a web page about Students'-Rights at institutions of higher education, to offer information about how Students'-Rights are Defined-and-Protected at each particular institutions through the formal provisions in documents such as those suggested below, and by actions on the part of groups supporting those formal provisions: The following are some of the primary possible Defenders- Of-Your-Rights as a student in your current educational institution. 1. You-Yourself working to learn what your rights are. 2. Those-Who-Best-Know-You and Understand-You. 3. Those Who Demonstrate-Sympathy-and-Empathy to you. 4. Those who support you as yourself, as best they can. 5. People who know about and understand the following: 6. The Bill-of-Rights of the U.S.A. Constitution. 7. The Relevant-Provisions of your States' Constitution. 8. The AAUP "Joint Statement on Students' Rights." 9. The AAUP "Red-Book" of "Policies-and-Procedures". 10. The local Chapter of the AAUP at your Institution. 11. The state Organization of the AAUP in your state. 12. Your states' Organization of the ACLU, or National 1. 13. Students involved in student governance where you are 14. Resident-Assistants if you are in students' housing. 15. The teacher or professor whom you most fully trust. 16. Definitions of your rights in your student handbook. 17. Definitions of your rights in your college catalogue. 18. Definitions of your rights in a University Catalogue. When might you reasonably suspect that your rights are being attacked and/or compromised? 1. If you do not feel safe in expressing your own opinions openly and honestly to other students, to your teachers or your professors; in class our out of class --- where opinions Are-What-Count; e.g., in regard to Reflexive-Personal-Relationships and Related-Realities. 2. If minority students do not feel safe in expressing their own opinions openly and honestly to other students, to their teachers and/their to their professors; in class our out of class --- where opinions Are-What-Count; e.g., in regard to Reflexive-Personal-Relationships and Related -Realities. 3. If you have asked for a formal statement of what you rights are and no clear formal statement has been given to you promptly by a person in authority; and/or you are given a Go-Around that Wears-You-Down. 4. If you have asked for help in locating somebody to help you enjoy your rights --- and no clear, prompt and helpful assistance is given in moving you to confer satisfactorily with such a person. 5. If you have not been satisfied with the level of instruction/assistance offered to you by your institution and have sought assistance in gaining satisfaction; and you have been given a Go-Around that Wears-You-Down --- and so you feel that you can not trust the staff that is available to you. 6. If you have not been satisfied with the financial and/or health care arrangements with your institution and you have sought assistance in gaining satisfaction; and have been given a Go-Around that Wears-You-Down --- and so you feel that you can not trust the staff that is available to you. 1. The Institution's Student Handbook/Advising Center, 2. The College/University Catalogue and Purposes, 3. Initiatives of the Students'-Self-Government, 4. Actions of the Board of Trustees and/or Reagents, 5. Students' Participation in Judicial-Procedures, 6. Students' Participation in the Governing-Board, 7. State Laws and the State's History of Case-Law, 8. Rulings of the State's Supreme Court, 9. The Constitution and Bill of Rights of the USA, 10. Rulings of the U.S.A. Supreme Court, 11. The American Association of University Professors, 12. The AAUP Joint Statement about Students' Rights, 13. The American Civil Liberties Union, 14. Students' Coalitions working to support their rights. The intent here is to provide accurate revealing- information about students' rights as they exist at each institution referenced here --- usually including here only revealing-information which is easily available over the world-wide-web by searching each institution's web site with various search strings that include key-words found in each of the above fourteen lines. (In some instances internal inconsistencies may be noted, and/or omissions of relevant information.) There are dangers present in the absence of authentic educational efforts to teach students about what their rights are within their own educational institution, so that year by year they mature in their knowledge of what their rights are now --- and should be in future years. Students should be taught to do research to discover what their rights are in each new situation and in evolving old situations. The absence of such efforts should a cause for alarm to all students! This set of web pages can be used by students at diverse institutions so as to better be able to compare how forth- coming their institution is about students'-rights --- in comparison to the institution about which there are reports here. Interested students can use the following search strings to help them in such efforts. In place of put the web-site-name of the home-page of the educational-institution of the student. For other interesting results put in place of the home page of this web site: which will include this web page and all other web pages of student handbook college catalogue students rights advising center accused student representative college purpose statement petition board of trustees student council college policy board trustees education committee students board trustees committees students college faculty committees student affairs committee joint statement students rights students constitutional rights academic freedom rights academic integrity academic honesty plagiarism personal integrity communal integrity grade point average disputes punitive failing grade abuse without credit due process disputes arbitrary capricious prejudicial power wealth concentration fair jury peers satisfactory liberating educational services Should any institution believe that it is not accurately represented on the web page for it here, in keeping with the above intents; the institution's web-master is encouraged to send to the web-master of --- the appropriate information which should be included here to make the report about that institution more accurate. Additional brief signed formal statements from the Institution's President will be welcome here, and may be included on the web page here about the institution --- at the discretion of the web-master of As changes are made within an institution, the institution is encouraged to call those changes to the attention of the web master of Signed reliable reports of black-marks in institutions' histories in regard to violations of students' rights --- will also be welcomed by the web-master of and the number of credible such reported incidents will be indicated on the institution's web page. To be credible such a report must be from a well identified person who clearly indicates how they came to know about the details of the incident they are reporting, and they indicate how to get independent verifications of the details of the incident --- indicating: actions, dates, times, places, events, victims, records, etc. relevant to students' rights having been violated in clearly identifiable ways. Be-Together in the Many-Gracious ways of Shalom. (c) 2008 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================