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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %GOD'S FINITE PLANET VILLAGE EARTH RESOURCES WATER 070628 %PURE CLEAN DRINKABLE CONFIDENTLY SPECIFY WIDELY GO 070628 %LETTING RELAXING GIVING DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE SHARE 070628 %LIQUID ICE MELTING OCEANS RISING FLOODING WEATHER 070628 %GLOBAL WARMING LEAST UPPER BOUNDS LOWER BOUNDARIES 070628 %BRACKET ACTUAL AMOUNTS MASS SOIL LAND AREA CARBON 070628 Within God's-Finite-Planet-Earth the following are examples of Finite-Resources for which it is possible NOW to Confidently-Specify and Widely-Agree-Upon Least-Upper- Bounds on How-Much-of-Each Resource NOW Resides in God's- Finite-Planet-Earth: 1. Liquid Water; in oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, etc. 2. Solid Water; in glaciers, polar-caps, snow-packs. 3. Fossil-Fuels; in oil, natural-gas, coal, etc. 4. The mass of living plants and animals of all kinds. 5. The mass of each element within recoverable ores. 6. Top soil in which farm crops can be well-grown. 7. Land areas where humans can survive with integrity. 8. The total amount of fresh drinkable water. 9. The total amount of fresh breathable air. 10. Nuclear-Energy-Resources like Uranium 235 and 238. As regarding God's-Finite-Resources; the more of each that a few privileged people use/consume; the less of each that less privileged people can use/consume. Such disparities generate Destructive-Evil-Relationships which threaten: 1. Violent-Destructive-Actions in Conflicts-and-Wars. 2. All cherished Family-Values and Healthy-Relations. 3. All Personal-and-Communal Integrations/Integrities. 4. Confusion, Ignorance, Prejudice, Bias and Entropy. 5. Alienations, Estrangements, Excommunications, etc. 6. Mutually-Assured Comprehensive-Global-Destruction. 7. Hell on Earth for ALL of Human-kind. Healthy-People who are engaging in Open-and-Honest- Dialogue can agree upon and have agreed upon the above and upon the unavoidable consequences of: 1. Pretending that the above are not true statements. 2. Responding Alienatively to Alienative-Actions. 3. Augmenting Concentrations of Power-and-Wealth. 4. Trying to Mitigate-Violence with Increased-Violence. 5. Trying to Mitigate-Domination with More-Domination. 6. Trying to Mitigate-Ill-Will with More-Ill-Will. 7. Trying to Mitigate-Arrogance with More-Arrogance. 8. Trying to Mitigate-Hubris with More-Hubris. 9. Trying to Mitigate-Dishonesty via More-Dishonesty. 10. Trying to Mitigate-Secrecy via More-Secrecy. Be Graciously-Together in the Many-Ways-of-Shalom. (c) 2007 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================