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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS DOMINATION SYSTEMS COLLUSION 070331 %ANALYSIS CONCENTRATIONS POWERS WEALTH COMFORT GOOD 070331 %SECURITY INVULNERABILITY FORTRESS MILITARY BATTLES 070331 %CORPORATIONS INDUSTRIAL INTERNATIONAL COMPLEXES IT 070331 %ID GOD SEXUAL ADVANTAGES ADVERTISING CORRUPTION GO 070331 %LETTING TOLERANCE PREVAIL OVER DOMINATION CONTROLS 070331 It is of-the-essence of each Domination-System that its Realm-of-Influence Expand-Without-Limit or Constraint. Domination-Systems will Begin-Small in Realms-of-No- Objection --- in order that the above Essential-Essence be Opened-For-Fulfillment; e.g., As-Seen-From the Point-of- View of the NOVICE-STUDENT, Beginning-With: Convenient Rituals, Profitable Rituals, Traditional Habits, Occasions of Honor, Invitations into Positions-of-Power, Invitations into the Homes-of-the-Wealthy, Occasions-of-Influence, Utilitarian-Procedures, Non-Objectionable-Procedures, Competitions-toward-obvious-gains, Moving-Toward Increasing-Comforts, Moving-Toward Becoming-More-Acceptable - - - Which From-the-point-of-View of the Dominant-Teacher Opens-For-Fulfillment More-Advanced-States of DOMINATION that may be less "convenient" from the Point-of-View Of- The-Naive-Student who has not seen and/or recognized the Likely-Path-Ahead. The Early-Stages involve Beginning-Stages of: Playing-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception. Learning how to Legally-Concentrate Powers-and-Wealth. Objectifying Human-Relationships and True-Intimacies. Sacrificing Personal-Authenticity for Domination-Skills. Sacrificing Time-For-Meditation for Additional-Powers. Sacrificing Time-For-Meditation for Additional-Wealth. Sacrificing Time-For-Relaxation for Additional-Powers. Sacrificing Time-For-Conversation for Additional-Powers. Sacrificing Time-For-Conversation for Additional-Wealth. Sacrificing True-Lovers for Loyal-Supporters in The-ABOVE. Sacrificing True-Lovers for More-Desired-THINGS-ABOVE. Sacrificing Metaphorical-Truths for Absolute-Literal-Ones. Sacrificing Metaphysical-Truths for Absolute-Literal-Facts Sacrificing Communal-Integrities 4 Economic-Practicalities Sacrificing What-Cannot-Be-Measured 4 What-WE-CAN-MEASURE. Sacrificing What-Cannot-Be-Predicted 4 What-WE-CAN-CONTROL Sacrificing What-Cannot-Be-Understood 4 What-WE-CONTROL. Sacrificing What-Cannot-Be-Fragmented 4 What-WE-FRAGMENT. Sacrificing INTEGRITIES for Dichotomies and Polarizations. Sacrificing COOPERATION for CONTENTIOUS POLARIZATIONS. Sacrificing Hospitality for Enemies who Lose-our-Battles. Sacrificing Friendships to be able to Win-our-Battles. Sacrificing Friendships to have Enemies who Lost to US. Sacrificing True-Intimacies/Dialogues for Certainties. Sacrificing Distributive-Justice for Coalitions'-Powers. Sacrificing Distributive-Justice for Fortress'-Security. Sacrificing Distributive-Justice for Invulnerability. Within the context of the above considerations Domineering People See-NO-Need for them to Limit- Themselves to Giving-their-Chosen: 1. Advice to people who truly ask/plead for their advice. 2. Domination-Services to people who truly ask for them. 3. Commands-and-Demands to people who truly ask for them. 4. Doctrines-and-Beliefs to people who truly ask for them 5. Duties-and-Responsibilities to those who ask for them. 6. Anxieties-and-Fears to people who truly ask for them. 7. Injuries-and-Diseases to people who plead for them. 8. Denigrations to people who ask for them with integrity 9. Attacks to people who ask for them with real integrity ==========================================================