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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %FUTILE TRAGIC TENACIOUS FOCUS COMPULSIVE BELIEF 070318 %GARBAGE DECAY CORRUPT DISINTEGRATE INTEGRITY MIXER 070318 %MIXED CONFUSED INCOHERENT UNSTABLE EXPLOSIVE BOMBS 070318 %FALL APART FALLEN ORIGINAL SIN REPEAT RECYCLE MORE 070318 %AUGMENT ALIENATION ESTRANGEMENT SEGREGATION ALONE 070318 %ADDICT CODEPENDENT INDEPENDENT ISOLATE REJECT EVIL 070318 It is futile to be focused compulsively/only upon that which: 1. Is Garbage, 2. Has decayed or is decaying, corrupt or corrupting; 3. Has disintegrated or is disintegrating, 4. Is mixed-up, confused, incoherent; 5. Is unstable and likely to fall-apart, 6. Is incoherent and makes no sense, 7. Has no apparent or discernable meaning, 8. Augments alienation, estrangement and/or ignorance; 9. Diverts attention away from all that is honorable; 10. Is Pretentious, dishonest, arrogant, misleading; 11. Is Addictive, supporting addictions, codependent; 12. Is Negative, polarizing, dichotomous, destructive; 13. Is Repressive, suppressive, dominant, deadly. It is helpful and hopeful to focus widely upon that which: 1. Is healthy and well, 2. Has evolved and/or is growing in healthy ways, 3. Has been integrated or is becoming well integrated, 4. Is well sorted out, inter-connected, coordinated; 5. Is stable in healthy robust ways of being active; 6. Is coherent, authentic, sensible, meaningful, hopeful 7. Is a stable ground for hope and significance, 8. Offers foundations for personal/communal integrities. 9. Focuses honorable attention upon meaningful relations 10. Is authentic, honest, humble, helpfully suggestive; 11. Is Healthy, destructive, hospitable, welcoming; 12. Is Becoming, Affirmative, positive, constructive; 13. Is Liberating, supportive, healing, generous. The above contrasts creativity with destruction; creative hopeful processes with entropic deadly-processes. Entropy has to do with disorder, confusion, being all mixed up, messed up, decayed, deadly, etc. We need to learn how to identify and prudently deal with people using destructive technologies with misguided intentions. ==========================================================