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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %TEAM MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS AVOID FALL INJURY DEATH WAY 070307 %KNOWING DIRECTION DOWN KEEPING SUPPORT UNDER EACH 070307 %SELF OTHER SLIP MOVE ACCIDENTALLY LIKELY DIRECTION 070307 %MOVE SAFELY INTENTIONALLY MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SPACES 070307 %LINEAR VECTOR COMBINATIONS SPAN SPACE FULLY SHALOM 070307 %BALANCED SPECTRUM MUTUALLY COMPLEMENTARY VIRTUES 070307 For a team of mountain climbers to avoid falling, injury and death --- they must cooperate in keeping firm support under them --- so that they will not slip and Move-Accidentally in the Most-Likely-Direction; i.e., DOWN. To Move-Safely, rather than Move-Accidentally, we need to Move-Intentionally with a clear sense of Which- Possible-Motions are likely to lead us to Falling-Un- Intentionally DOWN. When climbing a mountain there is Only-One-Direction which is DOWN; i.e., toward the center of the earth. Accidentally-and-Un-Intentionally moving toward the center of the earth. Mountain climbers who do not have a good clear Sense- of-Balance with regard to that One-Down-Direction --- will be in Great/Grave danger; and may end up prematurely in Their-Own-Grave --- with their Own-Integrity-Lost. The Challenges-Of-Life pertain to the Many-Ways in which we may Move-Unintentionally and lose Many-Forms-of- Integrity. For Mountain-Climbers there is only one unique DOWN which they must keep track of in Balanced-Ways. To Live-our-Lives With-Integrity we must keep track of Many-Ways in which we may Move-Unintentionally and LOSE EACH-ONE of our Many-Forms-of-Integrity: 1. Honesty, 2. Authenticity, 3. Transparency, 4. Clarity, 5. Generosity, 6. Sincerity, 7. Sympathy, 8. Empathy, 9. Coherence, 10. Balance, 11. Mutuality, 12. Cooperation, 13. Colaboration, 14. Humility, 15. Gentleness, 16. Patience, 17. Perseverance, 18. Adaptability, 19. Tolerance, 20. Robustness, 21. Knowledge, 22. Shalom, 23. Globalism, . . . There are differences between what each way is. There are similarities between what each way is. Each of the Many-Ways is a direction in which we may move intentionally and/or accidentally; toward-or-away- from Personal-and-Communal INTEGRITY. Moving-Accidentally away from Personal-OR-Communal INTEGRITY is a WAY-OF-FALLING; and there-are-many-of-them in the Multi-Dimensional-Space of Personal-and-Communal Integrations-and-Integrities. Therein there are MANY POSSIBLE Unintentional-Ways-of-Falling-Down; in isolation and/or in combination as to Ways-and-Participants. To maintain OUR ( singular and plural ) INTEGRITIES of Individuals-and-Communities we must help each other be Intentionally-Aware the MANY POSSIBLE Unintentional-Ways- of-Falling-Down. Each of our Evil-Relationships is a demonstration of some of the MANY POSSIBLE Unintentional-Ways-of-Falling- Down. It is Tragically-Simplistic to think in terms of just ONE-ORIGINAL-SIN or just ONE-ORIGINAL-FALL. Falling-Toward Personal-and-Communal DISINTEGRATION is a constant possibility where there is an ABSENCE of CLEAR and INFORMED-INTENTIONALITY to be Intentional-Integrators in the Many Gracious-Ways-of-Shalom. To avoid such an ABSENCE we must know each of the Unintentional-Ways-of- Falling-Down; off the Mountains of Personal-and-Communal Integrations-and-Integrities. Accidentally trying to Be- Secure-and-Invulnerable by Standing-Still --- is one of the Unintentional-Ways-of-Falling-Down. ====================================================== In The-Light-Of-The-Above we may say with confidence: Mature people live graciously together in the many cooperative Ways-of-Shalom wherein they share their Knowledge-of-the-Natures of the: 1. Risks that exist within each diverse form of Vulnerable-Intimacy and Attempt-to-be-Invulnerable. 2. Wise-and-Prudent ways to Respond-Cooperatively to each Real-Risk; and to others that are Not-Real-Risks. 3. Wise-and-Prudent ways to Distinguish-Cooperatively between the many forms of Real-Risks and the many forms of "Risks" that are: Imaginary, Contrived, Paranoidal, etc. 4. Many-Uninformed-and-Imprudent: Attitudes, Fears, Assumptions, Anxieties, Beliefs, Convictions, Doctrines, Religions, Paradigms, Certainties, Fundamentalists, etc. ====================================================== Personal-and-Communal Integrations-and-Integrities are threatened to the extent that the following are demonstrated and present in Alienative-Ways. Thus we need to Work-Cooperatively to Mitigate the Alienative Demonstration-of and Presence-of: MITIGATE versus AUGMENT 1. Dishonesty, versus 1. Honesty, 2. Pretentiousness, versus 2. Authenticity, 3. Secrecy, versus 3. Transparency, 4. Concealments, versus 4. Clarity, 5. Greed, versus 5. Generosity, 6. Pretentiousness, versus 6. Sincerity, 7. Indifference, versus 7. Sympathy, 8. Torture, versus 8. Empathy, 9. Incoherence, versus 9. Coherence, 10. Extremism, versus 10. Balance, 11. Unilateralism, versus 11. Mutuality, 12. Contentiousness, versus 12. Cooperation, 13. Polarizations, versus 13. Colaboration, 14. Arrogance, versus 14. Humility, 15. Meanness, versus 15. Gentleness, 16. Im-Patience, versus 16. Patience, 17. Fatalism, versus 17. Perseverance, 18. Rigidity, versus 18. Adaptability, 19. In-Tolerance, versus 19. Tolerance, 20. Brittleness versus 20. Robustness, 21. Ignorance versus 21. Knowledge, 22. Confusion versus 22. Shalom, 23. Provincialism versus 23. Globalism, Be Graciously-Together in the Many-Ways-of-Shalom. (c) 2006 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================