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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %ALIENATIVE PRESENCE DOMINATION SYSTEM TRUE LOVERS 070222 %OPPRESSIVE REPRESSIVE SUPPRESSION GATHER TOGETHER 070222 %CONTRAST BITTER SWEET FRUITS CONTROL COALITION GOD 070222 %MITIGATE EVIL RELATIONSHIP BULLIES DICTATOR EMPIRE 070222 %ROBUST SURVIVAL TRADITIONS MERIT AUTHENTIC HONORS 070222 %REDEMPTIVE MYTHS REDEMPTIVE VIOLENCE DISCIPLINE 070222 Even in the Alienative-Presence of Diverse-Domination Systems --- True-Lovers can gather and Be-Together in Pairs-and-Small-Groups --- to Discern-Together the Contrasting Bitter-and-the-Sweet-Fruits of Being- Dominators and of Being-True-Lovers. Bullies, Dominators, Dictators, Emperors, & Empires Have-Rarely Conceived-or-Created anything which have in Robust-Ways MERITED ENDURING-TRUE: HONOR, RESPECT, WONDER, MARVEL OR REVERENCE ---- as Sweet-Fruits of any kinds. By-Together-Understanding the Alienative-Dynamics of Affirmations-and-Demonstrations of The-Many-Traditional- Essential-Foundations of the MYTHS-of-REDEMPTIVE Controls- Violence-Demands-Commands-Polarizations-Dichotomies-Evils- Superior-Goods - - - True-Lovers HAVE CONCEIVED-AND- HELPED-TO-GROW A GROWING INFORMAL-CONSENSUS AMONG THE MANY-POOR --- ABOUT THE sweet-FRUITS OF THE authentic- Ways-of-Shalom. The many Highly-Disciplined-Formalized-and-Regimented Ways-of-Domination of OUR-Many-Alienative-Domination- Systems HAVE often in Tragic-Ways CONCEIVED-AND- HELPED-TO-GROW AN INCREASING INFORMAL-CONSENSUS AMONG THE MANY-POOR --- ABOUT THE bitter-FRUITS OF THE pretentious Ways-of-Domination. Be Graciously-Together in the Many-Ways-of-Shalom. (c) 2006 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================