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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %MANY PARTICIPANTS EVOLVING RELATIONSHIP CONTEXTS 061221 %READY TAKE NEXT STEP UNILATERALLY IN IGNORANT SEX 061221 %ADDITIONAL UNSUSTAINABLE COMMITTMENTS LIMITATIONS 061221 %MARRIAGE FRIENDSHIPS INTIMACIES OPEN HONEST VISITS 061221 %TRANSCEND PROVINCIALISM COLLUSIVE GAME MUTUAL SELF 061221 %DECEPTION CONFUSION ISOLATION ARROGANCE RIGHTEOUS 061221 In the following observations about an Evolving- Relationship --- there may be two or more participants. It is rare that an Evolving-Relationship involves only two people. There are usually some people who are involved by virtue of existing family-relationships, friendships, economic-arrangements, promises-made, contracts, etc. Some people who are participating in an Evolving- Relationship may think/feel that they are ready to take a particular step; while one or more others may not be ready, but that may not be generally known. Even if all of the people who are participating in an Evolving Relationship --- sincerely think/feel that they are ready to take a particular step; The-Relationship-As- Such may not be ready for that particular step. Taking that particular step may lead to serious unanticipated consequences --- because the participants did not jointly understand their relationship in one common well-informed and mature way. The following are possible steps which may be considered as relevant to the above considerations. 1. Buying a particular house at a given time. 2. Accepting a particular job offer. 3. Joining a particular religious group. 4. Becoming a candidate for an elective office. 5. Becoming more intimately involved with a friend. 6. Becoming sexually involved with a friend. 7. Making a major investment at a particular time. 8. Breaking a promise made to a friend/group. 9. Joining a military service-organization. 10. Making a declaration of a religious belief. 11. Refusing to conform to some communal expectation. 12. Engaging in some unexpected creative activity. 13. Joining a different political party. 14. Marrying a person in a different economic status. 15. Marrying a person in a different religious group. 16. Marrying a person in a different educational status. 17. Marrying a person of a different gender-identity. 18. Marrying a person of a different race/culture. 19. Marrying a person of a different nationality. 20. Marrying a person of a different scientific-view. In each relationships the participants who are considering taking some important step need to consider carefully the overall-contexts within which they might be taking that important step. The people who create and define their overall-contexts are in fact participants in their Evolving-Relationship --- to a greater extent than they may be aware of as individuals and/or as The-Relation which they are Evolving-Within. The Whole may be more than the simple-sum-of-its parts; and may not be fully understood by all of its individual-parts. In the above kinds of circumstances/contexts sudden changes are more likely to cause people distress than are well-informed, prudent, gradual changes --- approached in cooperative ways. It may be possible to resolve conflicts which arise due to differences in perspectives, attitudes and assumptions. Rash responses are unlikely to resolve any conflicts; and may well lead to tragic consequences due to simplistic understandings of what is happening. Be Graciously-Together in the Many-Ways-of-Shalom. (c) 2006 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================