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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %TRULY AUTHENTIC ULTIMATE CONCERN RELATIONSHIP SEX 060928 %WHOLE HEALTHY WELL INTEGRATE OPEN HONEST DIALOGUE 060928 %SANCTUARY BUILDING MAINTENANCE COOPERATION WORKER 060928 %SAMARITAN COMMUNIST SOCIALIST JEW JAPANESE EVIL 060928 %BLACK NEGRO SLAVE GERMAN IMMIGRANT ILLEGAL ALIENS 060928 %HOMOSEXUAL LESBIAN ALIENATED EXCOMMUNICATE SINFUL 060928 The-Domination-System Falsely-Creates and Sets-Up False-Versions of the True-Integrative-Realities which IT- MOST-FEARS and then- presents those False-Realities as if they were the only Possible-Versions of IT'S-MOST-FEARED- REALITIES which are violating gods' laws with impunity. Ultimate-Dishonesty and Ultimate-Pretense are the essential-ingredients in the above Coercive-Manipulative- Efforts of The-Domination-System as noted below. 1. Authentic-Honest-Integrative-Versions of True- Realities which The-Domination-System MOST-FEARS are hidden in the taboo-backgrounds of the Falsely-Created and Falsely-Set-Up Stag-Setting ---------> Never-Publicly- Permitted in any Affirmative-Settings. They are Absolutely Taboo Realities that are banned from public consideration. 2. Authentic-Honesty-Integrative-Versions of True- Realities are: Censored, Prohibited, Inhibited, Repressed, and Kept-off-Stage --- in efforts to Prevent-Authentic- Affirmations of Truly-Integrative-Versions-of-Them ------- that are so ABSOLUTELY-FEARED by All-Versions of The- Domination-System. 3. Such-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception are the "Good-Works" which qualify Loyal-Supporters of The- Domination-System to receive the Hidden-Blessings of The- Domination-System which are to be given to a Selected-Few in Armageddon's-Days-of-Rapture when violators of taboos will be destroyed with God's Space-Ship-Earth by THE- DOMINATION-SYSTEM. 4. THE-DOMINATION-SYSTEM MOST-FEARS: Authentically-Honest Intimate-True-Relationships. Open-and-Honest Intimate-True-Dialogues. Transparent-Relationships Free-of-Deceit. Letting-Go of Technocratic-Defense-Systems. Letting-Go of Means-to-Enjoying-Invulnerability. Letting-Go of Arrogance and Self-Righteousness. Letting-Go of Myths-of-Redemptive-Alienation. Letting-Go of Myths-of-Redemptive-Violations. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Contentions. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Militarists. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Hit-Men-at-Work. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Repressions. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Suppression. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Taboos. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Collusions-at-Work. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Prohibitions. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Permissions. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Proscriptions. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Prescriptions. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-White-Lies. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Evil-Demands. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Evil-Commands. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Excommunications. Letting-GO of Myths-of-Redemptive-Domination-Systems. Letting-GO of Myths-of-REDEMPTIVE-EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS. 5. True-Pleasures are rarely the fruits of any Unilateral-Actions of any Person-or-Coalition; nor are they Usually-Enjoyed in a Community-Dominated by Unilateral-Actions of any Person-or-Coalition. 6. False-Pleasures are often the fruits of Dominant Unilateral-Actions of some Person-or-Coalition; and they are Usually-Enjoyed within those Communities-Dominated by Unilateral-Actions of Dominant-Persons-or-Coalitions. Be Graciously-Together in the Many-Ways-of-Shalom. (c) 2006 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================