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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %LOYALTY PRIMARY VIRTUES ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS TRUE 060509 %LOVERS PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRATIONS INTEGRITIES 060509 %SECONDARY DEPENDENT INTERDEPENDENT CONTEXTS ETHICS 060509 %MORALITY SIMPLISTIC COMPUTER BEHAVIOR CODE COMMAND 060509 %UNCONDITIONAL DEMANDS REVERENCE ANGRY GOD VIOLENCE 060509 %MYTH REDEMPTIVE COERCION HUBRIS ATTACK KILL WASTE 060509 Loyalty is not a Primary-Virtue; it is a Secondary- Virtue which sometimes merits honor --- depending upon contexts and upon what is the focus of loyalty. Loyalty is NOT-a-Virtue if the focus of Loyalty pertains to supporting one or more of the following: 1. THE-DOMINATION-SYSTEM or a subsidiary of IT. 2. Any UNILATERAL-SYSTEM for controlling people. 3. Any UNILATERAL-SYSTEM for intimidating people. 4. Any UNILATERAL-SYSTEM for enslaving people. 5. Any UNILATERAL-SYSTEM for addicting people. 6. The Myth-of-Redemptive-Violence or a subsidiary. 7. The Myth-of-Redemptive-Coercion or a subsidiary. 8. Any Myth-of-Redemptive-Power/Wealth Concentration 9. Any Myth-of-Redemptive-Power/Wealth Salvation. 10. Any Myth-of-Redemptive-Arrogance-or-Hubris. 11. Any Myth-of-Redemptive-War-or-Other-Terrorism. 12. Leaders Undermining Distributive-Justice. 13. Policies Undermining Distributive-Justice. 14. Laws that Undermine Distributive-Justice. 15. Traditions Undermining Distributive-Justice. 16. Ancestors Undermining Distributive-Justice. 17. Any Military-Industrial-Complex or Profits. 18. Any Economic-Hit-Man or System-of-Such-Men. 19. Any Profits-or-Powers from any of the above. Loyalty is NOT a VIRTUE if honoring it UNDERMINES: 20. Shalom, Integrations, Integrities, Health. 21. Honesty, Authenticity, Sanctuaries, Dialogues. 22. Listening, Responsiveness, Empathy, Sympathy. 23. True-Lovers, Peacemakers, Healers, Hospitality. 24. Civility, Cooperation, Collaboration, Reverence. 25. Diversity, Tolerance, Communications, Humility. 26. Learning-from-Mistakes and Tragic-Outcomes. 27. Remembering what has been learned with LOVE. 28. Letting-Go of Profitable-Vices --- with LOVE. 29. Letting-Go of Collusions and Addictions. There is often a Taboo-Against-Questioning-Loyalty to one of the above enumerated realities. Does the enforcement of such a Taboo yield Net- Integrations or Net-Disintegrations; net Reconciliations or Net-Alienations? THINK! What is the overt-or-covert Purpose-or-Intention of those who ENFORCE a Taboo-Against-Questioning-Loyalty to one of the above sixteen enumerated realities? Into-whose-hands does the ENFORCEMENT-of-such-a-Taboo Concentrate Power and/or Wealth? Might it be the most powerful and wealthy people --- who thereby concentrate more power and wealth into their own hands? THINK! Beware of any Loyalty not within the Way-of-Shalom! Beware of Enforcers of Taboos-Against-Questioning some Alienative-Loyalty. There are likely to be working to Concentrate-Power-and-Wealth into the Hands, Stocks, Bonds and Banks of Domineering-Alienative-People. Be Graciously Together in the Ways-of-Shalom! (c) 2006 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================