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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %HONORED SACRIFICE PERSONAL COMMUNE INTEGRITY LOVE 060112 %TRUE TRUTH HONESTY AUTHENTICITY WORSHIP POWER GIVE 060112 %ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY INVULNERABILITY SECURITY WEALTH 060112 %COLLECT GATHER TOGETHER COALITION CONCENTRATE EVIL 060112 %GREED HOARD KEEP GET MORE OIL COAL GAS FOOD WATERS 060112 %NATURAL RESOURCES HONOR REVERENCE UNILATERAL FORCE 060112 What kinds of disintegrative activities can lay the foundations for integrative/constructive activities? One example would be an objective processes like blasting rock to make way for an overall wanted highway through the mountains or digging foundations for a building. But more controversially --- making way for a very wide highway through an undisturbed forest. The higher and more complexly integrated are the victims of the disintegrative-activities --- the more questionable the activities are as appropriate/effective means for the laying of foundations for integrative- activities. The more controversy, alienation, anger, and resentment that are generated by the disintegrative activities --- the less likely it is that it will be possible for the activities to lay firm foundations for any subsequent integrative activities which will yield net -overall-integrations in the long-term. In the realms of humane civilizations -- it is very difficult to engage in any kinds of disintegrative activities which disintegrate humans, human-relationships and human communities --- and thereby lay firm foundations for any net overall integrations in the long term. In light of the above --- it is questionable whether well intended humans can promote and/or facilitate a net overall process of personal and communal integrations by activities which lead to their own personal and/or communal disintegrations. Sacrificing one's-own integrity --- is not an effective way of demonstrating how to facilitate and promote personal-and-communal integrations. The less integrity one has, the less able one is to facilitate and promote additional integrations in the Way of Shalom. Thus decreasing one's-own-integrity is not a wise way to facilitate and promote integrations in the Way of Shalom. When we become diseased, contentious, alienative, grumpy, irritable, etc. --- we are not likely to be effective in facilitating and promoting integrations in the Way of Shalom. When one is NOT in the Way of Shalom one is NOT likely to act in ways which facilitate and promote disintegrations. When one is in the Way of Terrorism and Wars; one IS likely to act in ways which WILL lead toward disintegrations. When one demonstrates personal and communal disintegrations --- one is NOT likely to inspire, guide or motivate others to lead in personally/communally integrative ways. The above are suggestive of why the Myth of Redemptive Violence/Coercion is so Impotent-in-Delivering any form of: Redemption, Healing, Reconciliation, Honesty, Hospitality, Peace or Shalom. We need to keep the above in mind when Domineering- Leaders of any kind (Religious, Political, Technocratic, Scientific, Scholarly, etc.) ask us to sacrifice-our- own-integrity to do what "Must-Be-Done" to "Protect" our "Communal-Integrity". The request itself lacks: integrity and coherence. The request/demand does not hang-together and is likely to "hang" those who follow it "together". We may be asked to sacrifice-our-own integrity by doing one or more of the following: 1. Being dishonest/deceptive/pretentious/arrogant. 2. Tolerating alienative vices. 3. Accepting bribes to buy disintegrative services. 4. Being scared into being quite and tolerant. 5. Tolerating alienative threats to us/others. 6. Honoring alienative dominant leaders. 7. Honoring/accepting alienative profits. 8. Neglecting Distributive-Justice. 9. Playing/Tolerating Collusive-Games-of-Self-Deception. 10. Being indifferent to the suffering of poor-neighbors. 11. Not taking good care of our physical/mental health. 12. Not resting/relaxing/meditating/sleeping enough. 13. Giving excessively - leading into our disintegration. 14. Presuming to achieve what is impossible for us. 15. Pretending that we are achieving what is impossible. 16. Expecting that we will achieve what is impossible. 17. Taking on more responsibilities than we can fulfill. 18. Promising to achieve what we cannot achieve. 19. Refusing to accept our limitations and mortality. 20. Refusing to acknowledge our limitations/mortality. Many of the above behaviors are characteristic of: addicts, their codependent supporters, domineering-people, unilateralists, exclusivists, and worshippers of many forms of fundamentalism. (c) 2006 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================