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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %KNOWING WHO IS GOOD AND WHO IS EVIL GARDEN OF LOVE 051214 %CONCENTRATING WEALTH POWER CORRUPTION ALIENATION 051214 %ODD EVEN MUTUAL PAIN PLEASURE ISOLATED EXCLUSIONS 051214 %EXCOMMUNICATE ALIEN ENEMY DIFFERENT CONFORM IDEALS 051214 %DEMAND COMPLEMENTARY SAMENESS FORMS CONFLICT WARS 051214 %TROUBLE TIMES KAIROS COMPETE COOPERATE RECONCILED 051214 What is GOOD and what is EVIL? What is EVEN and what is ODD? GOOD is EVEN and EVIL is ODD! EVEN is GOOD and ODD is EVIL! 1. It is ODD that people augment overall-mutual-pain. 2. It is GOOD when people augment mutual-pleasures. 3. It is ODD when people give each-other isolated-pain. 4. It is GOOD when people share LOVES' mutual-pleasures. 5. ODD when people cause others isolated-pains. 6. GOOD when people share others' isolated-pains. 7. ODD to cling-to what causes overall-mutual-pains. 8. GOOD to cling-to-each-other in mutual-pleasures. 9. ODD to reject-each-other in mutual-pleasures. 10. GOOD to affirm-each-other in mutual-pleasures. 11. ODD to define-as-good being in mutual-pains. 12. GOOD to define-as-GOOD being in mutual-pleasures. 13. ODD to define-as-good being isolated-in-being-alone. 14. GOOD to define-as-GOOD being together-in-pleasures. 15. ODD to mandate-as-good mutual-excommunications. 16. GOOD to demonstrate-as-GOOD mutual-reconciliations. 17. ODD to demonstrate-wars-as-good. 18. GOOD to demonstrate-sex-in-cooperative-pleasures. 19. ODD to demonstrate-sex-in-isolated-imposing-pain. 20. GOOD to demonstrate-sex-in-mutual-pleasures. 21. ODD to try-to-concentrate-pains in-just-others. 22. GOOD to build hospitable-sanctuaries for-all-others. 23. ODD to try to be invulnerable just-by-oneself. 24. GOOD to try to be safely-vulnerable with-many-others. 25. ODD to try to defend self against-all-others. 26. GOOD to try to cooperate mutually with all others. 27. ODD to define letting-guard-down as evil. 28. GOOD to demonstrate safely-vulnerable-intimacies. 29. ODD to define safely-vulnerable-intimacies as EVIL. 30. GOOD demonstrate integrations within sanctuaries. 31. ODD to declare sanctuaries as illegal aid to evil. 32. GOOD to demonstrate reconciliations of what is EVIL. 33. ODD to define evil in alienative/disintegrative ways 34. GOOD to define/demonstrate reconciliations as GOOD. 35. ODD to conceal EVIL-relationships for good reasons. 36. GOOD to reveal EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS for reconciliation. 37. ODD to conceal DOMINATION-SYSTEMS for good reasons. 38. GOOD to promote SYSTEMS-ANALYSIS for reconciliation. 39. ODD to conceal COLLUSIVE-GAMES for good reasons. 40. GOOD to reveal COLLUSIVE-GAMES for reconciliation. 27. ODD to try to defend self against different others. 28. GOOD to try to integrate self with different others. 29. ODD to try to isolated-pains in isolated-others 30. GOOD to try to share-pleasures together-with-others. 31. ODD to try to concentrate-pleasures in self-alone. 32. GOOD to share pleasures with-others-together in LOVE. 33. ODD to try to do alone what is utterly impossible. 34. GOOD to do-together what True-Lovers show is possible 35. ODD to try to do what nobody has shown is possible. 36. GOOD to demonstrate lovers have shown is possible. 37. ODD to pass laws to cause the impossible to happen. 38. GOOD to demonstrate laws describing what is possible. 39. ODD to make illegal what True-Lovers do-together. 40. GOOD to encourage what True-Lovers do-together. 41. ODD to make illegal True-Lovers best integrations. 42. GOOD to encourage True-Lovers best integrations. 43. ODD to forbid descriptions of best integrations. 44. GOOD to honor descriptions of best integrations. 45. ODD to reverence violent-contestants who die in war. 46. GOOD to reverence many True-Lovers who live in LOVE. 47. ODD to reverence concentrations of wealth/powers. 48. GOOD to reverence distributors of wealth/powers. 49. ODD to ignore causes of chaos and corruption. 50. GOOD to clarify occasions of love and reconciliation. 51. ODD to affirm domination-systems as good. 52. GOOD to reveal domination-systems as alienative/evil. 53. ODD to affirm violence as a mean-redemptive-means. 54. GOOD to affirm reconciliation as being-redemptive. 55. ODD to affirm coercion as a mean-redemptive-means. 56. GOOD to reveal coercion as a means-to-domination. 57. ODD to practice collusions as effective defenses. 58. GOOD to reveal collusions as alienative defenses. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================