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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %WHITE HOUSE COMPLICATIONS TROUBLES USA CORRUPTION 051127 %CONCENTRATED POWERS WEALTH OIL LUBRICATION ENERGY 051127 %MIDDLE EAST WISE KINGS PROPHETS SPEAK TRUTH POWERS 051127 %HOLY CHILD POOR STABLE HOMELESS WATER PURITY DEVIL 051127 %COHERENT INTEGRITY MOTIVATED GREED AVARICE COVET 051127 %ENVY JEALOUS FEAR PARANOIA ANXIETY TERROR IGNORE 051127 "Complications" and "troubles" within the USA White House in the last half of 2005 illustrate the fact that not even a tightly disciplined powerful group of people will behave in IN-Coherent-Ways --- if their motivations include a few of the following common human traits: 1. Greed, Avarice, Covetousness, Cupidity, Rapacity, 2. Envy, Jealousy, 3. Fear, Paranoia, Anxiety, Angst, Terror, 4. Ignorance, Alienation, Confusion, 5. Extremism, Imbalance, etc. If people's motivations include a few of the above common human traits --- they cannot for long maintain: 1. Personal-Integrity. 2. Team-Integrity. 3. Appearances-of-Integrity. 4. Appearances-of-Propriety. 5. Appearances-of-Shalom. Power-Corrupts. Absolute-Power and Absolute-Truth Corrupt-Absolutely. Appearances to the Contrary do not endure long. Arrogance and Self-Righteousness Parade-Into-Falls. Unilateral-Hubris Leads-Tragically-Into-Falls. The above events cannot be-kept-secret for very long. Shalom is The-Way Away-from-such-Falls. Be Graciously-Together in the Ways-of-Shalom. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================