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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %CREATION COMMUNAL CONTEXTS SITUATION ETHICS MORAL 051101 %TRUE OPEN HONEST INTIMACY RELATIONSHIPS EVIL SINER 051101 %ACCEPT TOLERATE REJECT ALIENATE EXCOMMUNICATE GODS 051101 %ULTIMATE PREOCCUPATION CONCERN PRIORITY LOVER SEX 051101 %OPEN HONEST TOGETHER COHERENT PEACEMAKER DOMINATOR 051101 %UNILATERAL RISK MANAGEMENT VIOLENCE COERCION GOODS 051101 By their thoughts, feelings and behaviors Domineering people create communal contexts/situations within which: 1. The risks of all forms of intimacy are increased. 2. Being honest together become more risky. 3. Being open and honest about emotions is risky. 4. Being open and honest about creativity is risky. 5. Being open and honest about sexuality is risky. 6. Cooperation and colaboration are very risky. 7. Creative Integrations-of-Diversity is risky. 8. Dreams, visions and fantasies are very risky. 9. Communal-Integrations are taboo. 10. Distinguishing between vices/virtues is risky. The above are risky because DOMINATION depends upon: 1. Abusing points of vulnerability. 2. Abusing Openness-and-Honesty. 3. Abusing Generosity-and-Hospitality. 4. Abusing Civility-and-Empathy. 5. Abusing Sympathy-and-Sharing. 6. Abusing Revelation-and-Confessions. 7. Abusing Desires for Friendship-and-Intimacies. 8. Abusing Ignorance, confusion and naievete. 9. Abusing Poverty, Thirst, Hunger and Homelessness. 10. Abusing Fears, Anxiety and Alienation. Within communities of Domination-and-Control --- there are "good" reasons for Domineering-People to demonstrate Honor-and-Respect for each of the following: 1. Arrogance, 2. Unilateral-Actions, 3. Secrecy and Pretentiousness, 4. Extreme-Self-Confidence, 5. Self-Righteous-Indignation, 6. Coalitions-of-the-Powerful, 7. Concentrations of Power-and-Wealth, 8. Successful Corporations and Coalitions-of-Them, 9. International Military-Industrial-Complexes, 10. Addictions and Codependent-Supporters of them. Within Communitities of Domination-and-Control --- there are "good" reasons for Domineering-People to Label- and-Destroy As-Evil any True-Lovers who dare to demonstrate: 1. Integrative-Humility, 2. Tolerance-toward-Imaginative-Creativity, 3. Integrations-of-Diverse-Peoples, 4. Integrations-of-Mutually-Complementary-Ideals, 5. Integrations-of-Mutually-Complementary-Values, 6. Integrations-of-Mutually-Complementary-Principles 7. Integrations-of-Mutually-Complementary-Goals, 8. Integrations-of-Mutually-Complementary-Desires, 9. Integrations-of-Mutually-Complementary-Hopes, 10. Speaking Gracious-Truths to Concentrated-Powers. 11. Gracious-and-True-Intimacies in Public-Places. 12. The-Transcendence of Domination and/or Controls. 13. The-Transcendence of Collusive-Deceptive-Games. 14. The-Transcendance of The Fallen-Powers-That-Be. 15. The-Transcendance of Concentrated-Powers & Wealth 16. The-Transcendance of Public/Private Alienations. 17. The-Transcendance of Public/Private Ridicule. 18. The-Transcendance of Rejections/Excommunications. 19. The-Transcendance of Addictions/Codependency. 20. The-Transcendance of Alienative-Indepencence. True-Lovers and Domineering-Peoplemost Most-Clearly- Reveal their True-Natures by how they Treat-and-Relate-To Each-Other as Different-from-Themself; as Integrators-or- Disintegrators of Participants within their True-or- Dishonest --- Gracious-or-Contentious --- Relationships- with-Each-Different-Other. True-Lovers Promote-and-Faciliate Integrities. Domineering-People Undermine-and-Destroy Integrities. We may Know-Them By-Their-Very-Different-Fruits. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================