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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %ABSOLUTE TRUTH KNOWLEDGE KNOWERS KNOWN ARROGANCE 051004 %SELF RIGHTEOUS NARCISSISM EGOCENTRIC MONISTS DEVIL 051004 %EVIL RELATIONSHIPS DYSFUNCTIONAL DOMINEERING GOODS 051004 %VIOLENCE COERCION ALIENATION ESTRANGEMENT EMPATHY 051004 %SYMPATHY HOSPITALITY CIVILITY RECONCILIATION LOVER 051004 %TRUE AUTHENTIC BEING PRESENT TOGETHER SHALOM WAY 051004 There is clear evidence that there are children who are born with high levels of intuitive abilities to excel in the creation of and appreciation of: Music, Mathematics, Visual Arts, Poetry, Friendships, Stories, Sciences, Humane-Relationships. Such native abilities are distributed along spectrums-of-levels and kinds-of-combinations. Consider here is that there are significant differences among people as regards many abilities; and that it is inappropriate to assume and believe that all people are alike as regards formulations, presentations and appreciations of truths. Not all truths can be presented and appreciated in purely verbal forms. Many truths are best presented in musical, mathematical, visual, poetic, friendship, story, scientific, reflexive and personal-relational forms. Truths which can best be presented and appreciated in musical forms --- cannot be faithfully translated into equivalent mathematical or visual forms --- which can then be translated back into their original musical form by anybody who knows only the mathematical or only the visual form. Similar statements may be offered about truths which can best represented and appreciated in some appropriate form; and attempts are made to translated them into an equivalent expressions in a different other form. There is little hope that anyone who is familiar with the new form, but not with the original form --- can translate the truth back into the original form with any level of faithfulness to the truth as originally formed and expressed. Different people have different abilities to appreciate truths which are expressed in various forms. Truths are not independent of the form in which they are formulated and expressed. Truths are significantly dependent upon the form in which they are expressed. The forms in which truths are expressed evolve with the evolution of the truths which are expressed within the evolving form. There is an inter-dependence between forms-of-expression and the truths-formulated-and- expressed-via-any-evolving-form. There is also an inter-dependence among the forms-of- expression, the truths-expressed, and the creative-people who are participants in the formulations of the Forms-and- Expressions. Many people lack the ability to understand and appreciate truths which are formulated and expressed in forms which are utterly "foreign" to them. People who speak only English --- cannot understand Verbal-Truths which have been Formulated-and-Expressed-Verbally in: French, Spanish, Latin, German, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, African, and Indian languages. Reasonable approximations of the original truths as formulated in one language --- can be expressed in Other- Verbal-Languages; but some shades of meaning are lost or distorted in making a Verbal-Translation. It is virtually impossible to translate any Verbal-Truth into an equivalent form which is pure: music, art, dance, friendship, intimacy, love, etc. --- with a faithful reverse translation then possible back into the original verbal form. The truths which are expressed in various forms and modalities are not independent of the creative people who participate in the formulations of the Forms-and- Expressions. How might humans prove that in the absence of all humans --- there would exist truths that would be true? True to whom? Prove that to whom? Who would offer the proof? Who would judge the adequacy of the proof? Who would judge the significance of the proof? Who would appreciate the proof? How can there be knowledge without knowers who know each other within the contexts of their relationships with each other? How can there be truth in the absence of open and honest dialogue among true-people; among True-Lovers? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================