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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %DYNAMIC STABILITY COMMUNITY SANCTUARY MINORITY FEW 050927 %POOR WEAK SICK HOMELESS NAKED HUNGRY THIRSTY OIL 050927 %COAL WOOD CORN WHEAT RICE BANANAS VEGETABLE FRUITS 050927 %FOOD WATER MILK VITAMINS SOIL HUMUS FISH NEED WANT 050927 %DESIRE MONEY STOCKS BONDS CORPORATION INHERIT GET 050927 %CONDITIONS STUCK CHANGE GROW RUT ROAD WAY SHALOM 050927 What are the conditions for the stability of a community as a sanctuary for the minority members of the community who are most vulnerable? For a helpful allegory consider the conditions for the stability of a ship floating upright in a proper orientation in a still sea. 1. Identify the center-of-gravity of the substance- of-the-ship, in the usual way, as the point which would always be found below any point from which the ship might be held up high above the water. 2. Imagine then that the ship is slowly filled with water while kept upright --- up to the moment at which the ship would just barely float; and identify the center- of-gravity of the water-then-within-the-ship. That imaginary point is the center-of-gravity-of the ship's- buoyancy. (A) The farther that the (center-of-gravity of the ship's-buoyancy is above the center-of-gravity of the substance-of-the-ship) --- the greater the stability of the ship. (B) The greater the ratio between the (weight-of- the-water required to sink the ship) to the (weight-of- the-ship) --- the greater the stability of the ship. (c) The greater the PRODUCT of the above two defined physical "quantities" --- the greater the stability of the ship when it it is sitting upright in water. This "STABILITY-PRODUCT" is proportional to the torque which would tend to return the ship to upright; were the ship tipped on its side. The actual such torque depends on how far the ship is turned away from being upright. ------------------------ The stability of a community as a sanctuary for the minority members of the community who are most vulnerable --- depends upon a variety of conditions: (1) How important is Distributive-Justice to the most Powerful-and/or-Influential-Leaders within the community; i.e., how Cooperatively-Committed are they in their hearts, minds, souls, and public utterances --- to all of the principles and aspects of Distributive-Justice? (2) How-Well-Integrated are such leaders; both internally as Individual-Persons and as a Community-of- Leaders; as regards their various hearts, minds, souls, and public utterances? (3) How well connected are the Concentrations-of- Power and the Concentrations-of-Wealth within the community --- to the tasks of promoting Comprehensive- Distributive-Justice? (4) How important to all the members of the community are each of the following --- from the perspectives of their hearts, minds, souls, public utterances, and actions: Honesty? Empathy? Authenticity? Kindness? Generosity? Hospitality? Civility? Cooperation? Love? Grace? Dialogue? Tolerance? Listening? Forgiveness? Healing? Integrations? Integrities? Intimacies? Friendships? Creativity? Visions? Dreams? (5) How-Well-Integrated are such leaders': Ideals, Values, Principles, Goals, Visions, Virtues, Intentions, Hopes, Aspirations, Etc.; Both within each as an individual; and within them collectively as a Cooperative- Whole-Community-of-Leaders. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================