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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %COMMON TRAGIC IDEOLOGICAL CONFLICT DOMINEER TRUE 050702 %LOVERS FRAME WORKS QUESTION ESSENTIAL UNDERSTAND 050702 %UNFOUNDED FEAR TIMITITY DRIVEN GUIDE COMPLEMENTARY 050702 %TRANSCEND PREJUDICE BIAS INTEGRATE QUESTION ASSUME 050702 %META CONFLICT CONTENTION COERCION VIOLENCE LOVERS 050702 #ESCAPE COLLUSION PRISON DESTRUCTION DISINTEGRATION 050702 To deal Wisely-and-Prudently with the Ideological- Conflicts between Domineering-People and True-Lovers we need to have a clear Frame-Work within which to Frame- Questions which are Essential-to-Understanding; i.e., transcending exclusivities on the part of those who are most involved. 1. Prudence-without-Wisdom is likely to be Caution- and-Timid; Driven-and-Guided by Unfounded-Fear. 2. The conflicts which are most difficult to deal with are conflicts between Complementary-Ideals which have NOT been integrated within any comprehensive Frame-Work which offers transcendent Coherence-and-Integrity. 3. A clear Transcendent-Frame-Work provides a clear way of seeing the context within which to perceive, understand and inter-relate the elements which are prsent and how they are Inter-Related within the Whole-Context. 4. Absent the above insights; people are likely to Frame-Questions in ways which Bias-and-Prejudice responses in ways which fulfill the Special-Interests, Biases, Prejudices, and Desires of those who Frame-Questions without due consideration given to any well informed and clear Frame-Works which collectively are without bias/prejudice. 5. Absent significant and unconstrainted inputs from diverse-people of diverse-backgrounds-and-trainings it is likely that Essential-Complementary-Perspectives regarding Frame-Works, Question-Frames, and Generally-Accepted- Paradims will be Tragically-Absent at important stages in the evolution of the community and its conflicts. Many essays here written in late 2004 and early 2005 deal with the great Contrasts-and-Incompatabilities between True-Lovers and Domineering-People in regard to their respective Motivating-And-Guiding: a. Attitudes, b. Assumptions, c. Values, d. Ideals, e. Goals, f. Principles, g. Paradigms, e. Means, f. Relationships, h. Fears, i. Concerns, j. Priorities, k. Virtues, l. Vices, m. Traditions, n. Habits, o. Communities, p. Networks, q. Preoccupations, r. Etc. ==================================================== Central to The-Belief-System of The-Dominantion-System are these beliefs Under both 1 and 2 just below: 1. That the Only-Ways to Maintain-Our-Integrity are: a. Always-Being-Unilaterally-Invulnerable, b. Always-Being-Unilaterally-On-The-Defensive, c. Treating-All-Different-People-As-Enemy, d. Always-Being-With-Believers-in-These-Truths. e. Avoiding-Inclusive-People-Always-Unreliable. f. Being-Ready to be Lie-Whenever-Necessary. g. Faithfully-Concentrating Wealth-and-Power. h. Being-Ready to Sacrifice-Integrity as needed. i. Persistently-Criticizing Enemy-Affirmations. 2. The-Following are ALL Enemy-Traits: a. People who are Vulnerable-in-True-Intimacies. b. People who Let-Down-Their-Defenses. c. Trusting People-Who-Are-Different. d. Being-Friendly with Non-Believers. e. Being-Committed to Communal-Integrations. f. Being-Committed to Openness-and-Honesty. g. Being-Committed to Distributive-Justice h. Being-Committed to Personal/Communal Integrity. i. Making Affirmations about Different-People. ==================================================== Central to The-Belief-System of True-Lovers are these beliefs Under both 1 and 2 just below: 1. That Personal/Communal Integrity are rooted in: a. Being-Cooperatively-Vulnerable-In-LOVE, b. Always-Being-Disposed-to-be-Hospitable. c. Treating-All-Different-People-As-Friends. d. Integregating-Different-Believers In-LOVE. e. Including-Different-People-as-Complementary. f. Being Openly-Authentic-All-of-the-Time. g. Faithfully-Distributing Wealth-and-Power. h. Being-Ready to Sacrifice-Greed as needed. i. Being Affirmative more-often-than Negative. 2. The-Following are ALL Roots-of-Disintegration: a. Attempts to be Unilaterally-Invulnerable. b. People who Keep-Defenses-High-All-The-Time. c. Trusting People-Who-Are-Arrogant/Dominant. d. Being-Friendly with Power/Wealth Concentrators. e. Being-Committed to Power/Wealth Concentration. f. Being-Committed to Becoming Superior-People. g. Being-Committed to The-Capitalistic-System. h. Being-Committed to Personal/Communal Conformity. i. Being Negative more-often-than Affirmative. ==================================================== Seek to Be-Togther in Shalom! Shalom is the Way-to-Integrity. Coercion-and-Violence are Ways-to-DisIntegrations. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================