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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %RECOGNIZE HELPFUL VIRTUES VARIETY INTER RELATED 050528 %BALANCE BUDGET SPEND MONEY TIME RESOURCE PRIORITY 050528 %UNITY DIVERSITY DAILY HABIT RISK CAUTION CAUTION 050528 %AFFIRM CRITIC CREATE TRADITION MUTUAL COOPERATION 050528 %RESPECT HONOR GIVE RECEIVE HOSPITAL PRIOR TOLERATE 050528 %INTEGRITY IDEAL VALUE PARADIGM BELIEF HABIT ACCEPT 050528 It is helpful to recognize that various virtues are often relevant to a variety of inter-related situations; not just to one situation: 1. BALANCE is relevant to: spending-money, budgeting, spending-time, using-resources, setting- priorities, unity-vs-diversity, daily-habits, risk-vs- caution, affirmations-vs-criticisms, creativity-vs- traditions, etc. 2. MUTUALITY is relevant to: cooperation, collaboration, respect, honoring, giving-receiving, hospitality, acceptance, tolerance, etc. 3. INTEGRITY is relevant to: persons, communities, ideals, values, paradigms, beliefs, habits, priorities, health, shalom, etc. 4. GENEROSITY is relevant to: listening, sharing, honor, respect, tolerance, unifications, cooperation, collaboration, appreciation, inclusion, integrity, health, shalom, etc. We cannot enjoy shalom, health, meaningful- relationships, security, vulnerability, etc. --- in the absence of a coherent web of the kinds of inter- relationships hinted at above. In the absence of coherent webs of the kinds of inter-relationships hinted at above we are prone to thoughtlessly tolerate SYSTEMIC-PROBLEMS such as: 1. Homelessness, 2. Poverty, 3. Hunger, 4. Mental-diseases, 5. Wars, 6. Domination-Systems, 7. Military-Industrial-Complexes, 8. Ignorance, 9. Run-down-schools, 10. Unemployment, 11. Over-priced-health-care, 12. Alienative-wealth-concentrations, 13. Corrupting-power-concentrations, 14. Preventable-diseases, 15. Gang-warfare, 16. Political-power-for-sale, 17. Disintegrative-advertising, 18. Religious-wars, 19. Sex-based-profitable-businesses, 20. Alienative-theologies. Some problems can be "solved" by a specific objective action like tightening a nut or putting water on a fire. Systemic-problems cannot be solved by such any isolated specific objective action. To resolve a systemic-problem usually requires getting diverse people to cooperate with each other in new ways which they have not imagined as being possible. VIRTUES often form coherent-webs with each other in ways which mitigate VICES which form dis-integrative-webs. Mitigations of systemic-problems may be possible only via the formation of coherent-webs-of-virtues to mitigate VICES which form dis-integrative-webs. The above considerations suggest that it will be helpful for us to become aware of the possible coherent- webs of VIRTUES; and aware of the ways in which VICES may form disintegrative-webs which can be mitigated only via the formation of appropriate coherent-webs-of-virtues. Talking about these realities can be complicated by the subtle differences in the connotations to different people of the various words which have evolved from keywords; e.g., integer, fraction, integrity, fractional, integration, fractious, integrative, fractionator, integrities, segregation, separation, integrations, integrators, apart, apartheid, etc. People who have different cultural backgrounds with regard to the relationships between ethnic groups are bound to experience different connotations when confronted with some of the above words. How are they to know about and/or understand each other's experiences as regards those different connotations? How are they to become aware of the possibilities ways of mitigating the tragic consequences of disintegrative-webs of VICES via the formation of appropriate coherent-webs-of-virtues which can be pointed to only with words whose connotations are made ambiguous because of contrasting cultural backgrounds. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================