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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %DANGEROUS THOUGHTLESS ACCEPTANCE STATEMENT POINTER 050515 %RELIABLE PRINCIPLE SERIOUS RISKS ENGAGE PATTERNS 050515 %BEHAVIOR UNAVOIDABLY ALIENATIVE VIOLENCE COERCIONS 050515 %REJECT EXCLUSIVE ARROGANCE HUBRIS SELF RIGHTEOUS 050515 %EVIL DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS COLLUSIVE ADDICTS 050515 %PLAY GAME MUTUAL SELF DECEPTION NUCLEAR WAR SPIRIT 050515 It is dangerous to thoughtlessly accept any of the following statements as pointing to a "reliable-principle" --- because doing so entails serious risks of engaging in patterns-of-behavior which are "unavoidably-alienative". Consider now the following statements: 1. Violence can be demonstrated in "redemptive-ways." 2. Coercion can be demonstrated in "redemptive-ways." 3. Rejections can be demonstrated in "redemptive-ways". 4. Exclusivity can be demonstrated in "redemptive-ways." 5. Arrogance can be demonstrated in "redemptive-ways." 6. Hubris can be demonstrated in "redemptive-ways". 7. Self-righteousness can be used in "redemptive-ways." 8. Excommunications can be used in "redemptive-ways." Above the words "demonstrated" and "used" point to equivalent kinds of actual-behavior-with-consequences; not merely to: "theoretical", "hypothetical", "desired", "hoped-for", "anticipated", "dreamed", or "envisioned" behaviors --- in the absence of the many actual-natural- consequences long-observed-and-recognized as regularly- following-the-indicated-behaviors. Following each of the eight listed kinds of un-kind behaviors; the actual-natural-consequences long-observed- and-recognized as regularly-following-the-indicated- behaviors --- include, but are not limited to: resentment, hurt, anger, alienation, estrangement, misunderstandings, power-concentrations, wealth-concentrations, distributive- injustices, corruption, personal-disintegration, communal- disintegrations, decay, evil-dysfunctional-relationships, wars, ignorance, sickness, dis-ease, diseases; i.e., all of the conditions-traditionally-associated-with-sin-evil. Are there any clearly-demonstrated exceptions to the above described tragic-patterns regarding the of outcomes of: Violence? coercion? rejections? exclusivity? arrogance? hubris? self-righteousness? excommunications? The above is not a complete list of the unkind kinds of behaviors --- which so regularly lead to the described tragic-patterns regarding their outcomes. Religious and political leaders should regularly deal with the many mutually-complementary partial-truths pointed to above --- doing so in ways which are gracious, open, honest, reconciling, integrative, etc. The above considerations need to be kept in mind when dealing with domineering-peoples' efforts to CONTROL most: Communications, Dialogue, Sanctuaries, Privacy, Prayers, Meditations, Readings, Study, Education, Learning, Conclusions, Attitudes, Feelings, Intimacies, Friendships, Sexuality, Worship, Idolatry, Integrations, Integrities, Small-groups, True-Lovers, Health-Care, Speaking-Truths, Visions, Dreams, Travel, Visits, Hospitality, Revelations, Prophets, Etc. Because of the nature of their Domination-System-God, Domineering-People will be terrified by the Gracious-Works of True-Lovers who understand what is being pointed to by the above. Their terror is the terror of incoherent-and- dishonest people confronting God-as-Love. If Domineering-People prevail in programs of Authoritarian-Controls --- it is difficult for True-Lovers to share their insights regarding the probable consequences of acting out particular visions, dreams, fantasies, etc. about wanting to Let-Go or Be-in-Control. In the absence of such insights --- people are prone to stumble into tragic views of what is absolutely right and what is absolutely wrong. Uninformed and Domineering people are likely to lead many people into tragic- adventures which engender endless alienation, coercion and violence. Be-aware-of and beware-of giving Unlimited- Powers to Domineering-People! Shalom! (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================