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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %SEEDS PLANTED EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS SEEK ADVANCE SELF 040710 %OVER OTHERS ACCEPTED REJECTED GOODS OWN INDIVIDUAL 040710 %ISOLATED REJECTED EXCOMMUNICATED BANISHED FALLEN 040710 %ORIGINAL CREATIVE SINNERS VISIONS DREAMS DESIRES 040710 %PROPER CONFORMITY COMMAND PRESCRIBE PROSCRIBE SEX 040710 %LAW ORDERS MORALITY ETHICS SUPERIOR RACE PREJUDICE 040710 The seeds of evil-relationships are planted whenever we seek to advance ourselves by promoting the acceptance of people-who-have-been-labeled-GOOD and the rejection of people-who-have-been-labeled-EVIL. Here acceptance and rejection pertain to open-and-honest dialogue. People-who-have-been-labeled-EVIL are lion-feed; i.e., may be fed to the lions in the entertainment center in the center of ROME; after they have been rejected by GOOD- PEOPLE. People-who-have-been-labeled-GOOD can be spectators; i.e., they may watch the lions kill and eat the other different bad people-who-have-been-labeled-EVIL. Being spectators is the way in which GOOD-PEOPLE affirm the goodness of labeling people either GOOD-POEOPLE or EVIL- PEOPLE. This is how the seeds of evil-relationships are planted whenever we seek to advance ourselves by promoting the acceptance of people-who-have-been-labeled-GOOD, and the rejection of people-who-have-been-labeled-EVIL. The price must be paid by EVIL-PEOPLE to enable GOOD-PEOPLE to enjoy the advantages of being labeled GOOD-PEOPLE. It is "GOOD" to obscure the tragic realities which the above text points to; because through obscurity we can continue to think that it is "GOOD" to advance ourselves by promoting the acceptance of people-who-have- been-labeled-GOOD and the rejection of people-who-have- been-labeled-EVIL. This is the key to our entry into the kingdom of heaven; at the expense of those whom we send to hell through our rejections of them as "evil" people. It is a "GOOD-DEAL" for us. - - - - - - - - - - - In the modern world the equivalent of throwing "EVIL-PEOPLE" to the lions in front of "GOOD-PEOPLE" safely in the coliseum stands --- can include the following common realities: 1. Racial prejudice against descendents of former slaves --- who remind domineering-people of the sins of our domineering-ancestors. 2. Sexual prejudice against sexually attractive fe- males who offend males by reminding males of their hidden embarrassing points of emotional-vulnerability --- thereby undermining males' efforts to achieve unilateral- emotional-invulnerability. 3. Prejudice against people who are engaged in open, honest, balanced and mutual intimate-relationships --- which do not conform to unilaterally-imposed "proper" standards defining ideal-forms of intimate- relationships --- standards which powerful domineering-people have learned to use as coercive- tools-of-domination. 4. Patterns of DISTRIBUTIVE-INJUSTICE imposed unilaterally by powerful wealthy people --- upon people who are: poor, naked, homeless, hungry, sick, ill-at-ease, powerless, ignorant, confused, etc. Such patterns of DISTRIBUTIVE-INJUSTICE are imposed by wealthy people who consume far more than their just-share of the world's limited supplies of: fossil-fuels (oil, natural-gas, coal, etc.), high-grade-mineral-ores, pure-water, pure-air, etc. 5. Economic and political systems which make no just-provisions for distributive-justice --- which is essential to the healthy integrations of all kinds of honest-people-of-integrity into well-integrated- communities --- which demonstrate both personal-and- communal-integrities of many healthy kinds. 6. The institutionalization of unrestrained concentrations of power into: Multi-National-Corporations, Political-Parties, Scientists, Research-Teams, Military- Industrial-Complexes, Manufacturers of WMDs, Religious- Institutions, Mythologies, Theologies, Cosmologies, Wealthy-CEOs, Governmental-Intelligence-Agencies, etc. 7. "Legal-Contracts" drawn up by domineering-people to legalize their stealing of vast natural resources from vulnerable undeveloped-third-world-peoples --- who cannot defend themselves in either violent or non-violent ways. 8. Domineering-People's Unilaterally-Imposed "Ideal-Forms" and/or "Objective-Standards" for conformity in regards to: Friendships, Intimate-Relationships, Sexual-Relationships, etc. --- thereby denigrating the importance of Key-Virtues such as: openness, honesty, humility, hospitality, authenticity, civility, cooperation, collaboration, kindness, patience, generosity, sharing, tolerance, balance, mutuality, distributive-justice, sympathy, empathy, integration, etc. Such Key-Virtues are Essential-Foundations for creativity in regards to both Personal-Integrities and Communal- Integrities. 9. Domineering-People's actions which inhibit open and honest consideration of possible creative integrations of many mutually complementary "Essential-Virtues" --- in ways which might lead to both personal and communal integrations/integrities --- with the due, open and honest consideration of various Traditional-Ideal-Forms --- which in the past have been regarded as "Proper- Standards" for conformity-beyond-question --- to-which people and their relationships should- conform within-all-situations/contexts. What GOOD reasons might there be for PREVENTING such open-and-honest considerations of possible creative integrations of "Essential-Virtues"? 10. Domineering-People's focusing excessively upon other-people's OBJECTIVE-REALITIES in order to divert attention away from their own REFLEXIVE-REALITIES such as domineering-people's: evil-relationships, alienations, excommunications, banishments, collusions, addictions, dis-eases, codependent-supporters, contentiousness, greed, coercion, coalitions, power-concentrations, wealth- concentrations, exclusivity, self-righteousness, arrogance, and conspicuous-consumption of limited resources within Space-Ship-Earth. Many domineering-people are likely to view the above focus upon essential-virtues as having no-substance; i.e., as providing no mandatory-objective-standards which- demand-conformity and-so-providing-no-means-to-achieve dominance over poor and vulnerable people. That will not be a problem for True-Lovers who seek to facilitate and promote true-integrations and true-integrities of complementary kinds. Shalom! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================