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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %LETTING GOING DEFENSLESS SAFELY VULNERABLE GIFTS 031202 %SANCTUARY COMMUNITIES TRUE LOVERS ELIMINATE AVOID 031202 %ENDLESS COERCION VIOOENCE TERRORISM WARS BATTLES 031202 %PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITY PEACE SHALOM HEALTH IT 031202 %TREE KNOWLEDGE GOOD DEVILS SUPERIOR PEOPLE EXPENSE 031202 %GENISIS GARDEN NEIGHBORS DIFFERENCES CONFLICTS GOD 031202 We cannot eliminate or avoid endless coercion, or violence so long as we believe, or act as if we believe that: 1. Personal and communal integrity, peace and health can be achieved through the unilateral actions of superior people --- as the expense of inferior people. 2. We can know the will of God regarding the futures of superior people --- as distinct to the will of God as regarding the futures of inferior people. 3. We can know who are the superior people around us, and who are the inferior people around us. 4. That we can know what the differences are between the superior people in our neighborhood, and the inferior people in our neighborhood. 5. We are born inherently defective in some way and that there are among us people who know how to cure and/or compensate for how we were born inherently defective and/or for how we have become inherently defective. 6. We can know what are the effective means by which we can achieve salviation for ourselves and/or for our favorite people; i.e., the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. 7. That there are among us dominant people who truly know some, and perhaps all, of the above essential truths and/or facts of our lives. 8. That it is good for us to: reverence, honor, trust and/or obey people who know the above essential truths and/or facts of our lives. 9. That personal and communal integrity will depend upon sorting people out into those superior people who believe (or act as if they believe) the above essential truths and/or facts about our lives --- in contrast to whose who do not belive (or fail to act as if they believe) the above essential truths and/or facts about our lives. 10. That the essential truths and/or facts about our lives pertain to isolated individuals' beliefs, convictions, acts, confessions, doctrines, and performed rituals; rather than to the qualities and characteristics of our RELATIONSHIPS as we live with different kinds of people who are our neighbors in diverse ways: geographically, temporally, cooperatively, contentiously, theologically, religiously, secularly, politically, intimately, honestly, scientifically, technologically, technocratically, provincially, internationally, etc. We will not enjoy health, peace, integrity or shalom --- so long as we cling-defensively to many of the beliefs/convictions pointed to above. To learn how to enjoy health, peace, integrity and shalom --- we must work together in cooperative ways to learn how to LET- GO of our isolated-individualistic-defensive beliefs, convictions, actions, confessions, doctrines and rituals --- together. Cooperation will not be easily come by. Wealthy, poerful, and loyal supporters of "The Domination System" will often do everything in their power to undermine the above suggested forms of cooperation. "True Lovers" cannot be trusted! They do not conform properly! They do not recite the essential creeds, confessions and doctrines properly! They do not perform the essential dishonest rituals properly! They are not properly committed to being superior, dominant and in control! They are not willing to take from the thirsty, homeless, hungry, poor and powerless --- to help the wealthy, powerful, and loyal supporters of "The Domination System" to concentrate more wealth, power and supporters in the service of "The Domination System". "True Lovers" must not be allowed to promote mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation! Be aware and beware! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================