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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %SIMPLISTIC FOOLs TEACH DYSFUNCTIONAL THEORIES GOOD 031014 %EVIL INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE BORN WITHIN ORIGINAL SINNER 031014 %INCARNATE DEFECTIVE RESCUE TECHNIQUE MEANS SAVIORS 031014 %REDEMPTION EXPERTS SUPERIOR PEOPLE GOD'S SERVANTS 031014 %LORDS KINGS QUEENS CONTROLLER DOMINEERING ARROGANT 031014 %SELF-RIGHTEOUS ALIENATION ESTRANGEMENT EGOTISTIC 031014 If we we accept, believe-in and behave-in-terms-of a THEORY-OF-EVIL whereby "EVIL" exists within the world incarnate as a TRANSCENDENDENT-REALITY which resides within INDIVIDUAL-EVIL-PEOPLE --- we lead each other into engaging in ULTIMATELY- ALIENATIVE acts that take us toward ULTIMATELY- DESTRUCTIVE/DISINTEGRATIVE consequences, tragic step, by tragic step, as in Greek tragic dramas! It is all "Greek" to us who are ignorant of the essence of Greek tragic dramas where people who are trying to fulfill their highest ideals really make a mess of their lives. Our ultimately-misleading THEORIES about the nature of EVIL-INCARNATE within EVIL-INDIVIDUALS --- often cause ULTIMATELY-ALIENATIVE consequences, through tragic steps which we do not understand and cannot avoid, no matter what extreme defensive measures we resort to. Perhaps our ultimately misleading THEORY-OF-EVIL is related to an ultimately misleading THEORY-OF-GOOD whereby we believe that ultimate "GOOD" can exist within the cosmos incarnate as a TRANSCENDENT-REALITY which resides within INDIVIDUAL-GOOD-PEOPLE --- whom we can properly recognize, name, and label as SUPERIOR-PEOPLE --- in contrast to most of us who are born as INFERIOR-PEOPLE who need to be improved through UNILATERAL-ACTS-OF-RESCUE by INDIVIDUAL-SUPERIOR-PEOPLE who are special GOOD- PEOPLE. Dysfunctional THEORIES-OF-EVIL fail to acknowledge the central roles of: alienation, estrangement, arrogance, self-righteousness, perfectionism, legalism, judgementalism and excommunications in all manifestations of EVIL within DYSFUNCTIONAL-RELATIONSHIPS. Such THEORIES-OF-GOOD and THEORIES-OF-EVIL are ultimately misleading --- in that they lead us into escalations of DISINTEGRATIVE-RELATIONSHIPS within which we engage in ULTIMATELY-TRAGIC behaviors which undermine all of our personal and communal integrities. It is such DISINTEGRATIVE-RELATIONSHIPS wherein EVIL-RESIDES! The roots of evil are most often found feeding upon the dysfunctional characteristics of DISINEGRATIVE-RELATIONSHIPS which always involve at least two people, and often involve us. Any helpful THEORY-OF-EVIL will focus our attention upon how we can helpfully contribute to facilitating: reconciliation, healing, concilia- tion, reconstruction, civility, mutual-understanding, balance, generosity, hospitality, trust and true- peacemaking. Taking these essential steps towards shalom is not simple or easy. Only simplistic fools think that taking such essential steps is simple or easy! Taking such essential steps takes great courage, great insight and great understanding! Beware of simplistic fools who teach otherwise! As we seek to understnand and transcend the dilemmas rooted in our dysfunctional human relationships --- we need to be careful not to expect that the best ways will be JUST LIKE those of natural-scientists, social- scientists, philosophers, religious-leaders, political leaders, or any other traditional kind of leaders; or that the best ways will be TOTALLY DIFFERENT from any of those ways. The best ways are more likely to entail the creative integration of portions of traditional ways --- plus some portions of creative new and complementary ways not found within any traditional ways. In particular we need to take care not to exclude from our consideration the complementary ways which are often rejected by domineering people who view the complementary ways as threats to their gaining and maintaining dominance and control. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================