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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %WORLD WIDE SPACE SHIP EARTH INTERNATIONAL DILEMMAS+030905 %ADEQUATE RESPONSE HELP PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITY+030905 %DEAL OPENLY HONESTLY MANAGEMENT HUMANE COMMUNICATE+030905 %INTIMACY SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP EXPERIENCE EXPERIMENT+030905 %RELIGION SCIENCE POLITICS POWER CONCENTRATIONS SIN+030905 %AUTHORITIES NATURAL CONSEQUENCES DESCRIBE LAWS GOD 030905 Our modern world wide dilemmas CANNOT be responded to adequately, helpfully or with integrity --- without dealing openly and honestly with the issues related to the helpful/integrative management of human --- intimacy, sexual relationships, and honest communications pertaining to contemporary human --- visions, aspirations, hopes, fantasies, expectations, desires, fears, insights, true lovers, disappointments, pleasures, understandings, perspectives, etc. Our modern world wide dilemmas include the following: 1. The population explosion, 2. The transmission of diseases through intimacy, 3. The AIDS plague, 4. Sexual and romance addictions interacting with 5. Other forms of addiction/codependence --- 6. Connected with the drug trade and --- 7. International organized/crime including --- 8. Prostitution and child based pornography; 9. Religions' homosexuality dilemmas, 10. Sexual abuse of women and children, 11. Discriminations against women 12. Exclusion of women from power, 13. Sexual wage discrimination, 14. Militarists' desensitizations, 15. Militarists' sexual frustrations, 16. Abuses of sexuality in advertising, 17. The rapidly evolving energy crisis, 18. The evolving natural resource crises, 19. Globalizations in the spread of diseases, 20. Discerning what is possible/impossible, 21. Integrations of religious understandings. 22. Integrations of religions and sciences. 23. Integrations of human myths/cosmologies. 24. The just distribution of natural goods. 25. Evolutions in our views of good/evil. None of our world wide dilemmas can be responded to adequately, helpfully or with integrity --- so long as our typical responses to our world wide dilemmas are motivated and guided by: 1. Unilateralists who will not cooperate, 2. Domineering people will not cooperate, 3. Addicts and their codependent supporters, 4. People imprisoned in their own collusions, 5. People corrupted by our power concentrations, 6. Our Military industrial complexes, 7. Our Dishonest Powers That Be, 8. Our Hidden Domination Systems, 9. Our NGO and Governmental Terrorists, 10. Our Pseudo scientific religiosity, 11. Our Wealth concentrations and poverty; 12. Our Fears, Ignorance & Alienation, 13. Our Prejudices, Caprices & Confusion, 14. Our Arbitrary Decisions, 15. Our Misleading myths about evil, 16. Our Misleading cosmologies, 17. Our beliefs that WE are SUPERIOR, 18. Our Self Righteousness, 19. Our Arrogance, and/or 20. Our incoherent idolatries. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================