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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %RESPECTED RELIGIOUS LEADERS TRADITIONS PEACEMAKERS 030827 %RECONCILERS HEALERS INTEGRATORS DIPLOMATS LIBERATE 030827 %OPEN HONESTY AUTHENTICITY ACCURATE DESCRIPTION GOD 030827 %CONFLICTING IDEALS VALUES PRINCIPLES COERCION EVIL 030827 %SUPERIOR FORMS PERFECTION ARROGANCE RIGHTEOUSNESS 030827 %DISINTEGRATION CONTENTIOUS BATTLES DEATH DISEASES 030827 Many highly respected religious leaders within many religious traditions have taught that we are called to be true-peacemakers; i.e.: true-lovers, true-reconcilers, true-healers, true-integrators, true-diplomats, true- liberators, etc. Their emphasis has often been upon: honesty, authenticity, accurate-descriptions, openness, sharing, balance, etc, We cannot ourselves truly-be-peacemakers so-long-as we-ourselves-cling to any firm beliefs/convictions that for-us-in-particular there are times when: 1. Dominance/coercion/violence are good/right. 2. We our-selves are superior to other-selves. 3. Our-forms-of-perfection are superior to others'. 4. Arrogance and self-righteousness are O.K. 5. We are closer-to-God than most-others. 6. Others'-ideals should yield to our-ideals. 7. Others'-values should yield to our-values. 8. Others'-principles should yield to our-own. 9. Others'-desires should yield to our-desires. 10. Others'-goods/needs should-be-sacrificed for-us. 11. Our-ways are-superior-to other-peoples'-ways. 12. Our-standards are-better-than others'-standards. 13. Other-people should-communicate in-our-language. 14. Other-people should-think/reason in-our-language. 15. Other-people should-compete under-our-rules. 16. Other-people should-worship our-idols as-we-do. 17. Other-people should-not embarrass-us in any way. 18. Other-people must-not-challenge our-assumptions. 19. No-reality can truly-transcend-us as-a-reality. 20. No-reality can truly-merit-our-reverence. 21. Our self-righteousness will-be-validated. 22. Our-enemies will-be-proven to-be evil-people. 23. Our power-concentrations will-last for-ever. 24. Truly-good-people are like-us. 25. Truly-good-people conform-to-please us-alone. 26. We should-not yield-anything to different-people. 27. Conflicts are resolved only when-we-alone-win. 28. There is no need for me to cooperate. 29. There is no need for me to be balanced/moderate. 30. It is evil to cooperate with "strange-people". 31. I-alone will be utterly-invulnerble by-myself. 32. YOU must help me-alone to be-invulnerable/safe. The death of an organ, organism, person, family, community, organization, city, state, nation or world --- comes about as, and because, its respective parts fail to communicate/cooperate with different parts. In the absence of honesty, openness and accurate sharing of information --- integration, cooperation, collaboration and integrity cease to exist. Disintegration and death then prevail. The process of disintegration and death may be gradual --- as in occasions of slowly escalating: dominance, coercion, violence and preparations for war. Or, the process of disintegration and death may be sudden, as in occasions when terrorists and official militarists explode unofficial and official weapons of mass destruction which disintegrate the terrorists/militarists of both unofficial and official kinds. The use of official acts of terrorism often leads to more disintegration that the use of un-official acts of terrorism. Official terrorism does not eliminate or reduce unofficial terrorism. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================