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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %CONFLICT RESOLUTION UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS DEVILS 030813 %UNILATERAL CONTROLLERS DOMINEERING DOMINANT SINNER 030813 %GRACE LOVE PEACE SHALOM RECONCILIATION HEALERS GOD 030813 %ODD EVEN VISIONS DREAMS FANTASIES GOOD LIVING FALL 030813 %DOCTRINE CONFESSIONS RITUALS RELIGIONS FAITH WORKS 030813 %BITTER SWEET FRUITS CONSEQUENCES DESCRIPTION LAWS 030813 1. It is ODD how controllers and lovers contend with each other over the principles, values, ideals, visions and fantasies which may, will, or should dominate in their fulfillment of the potentials of mortal creatures. 2. EVEN when the fruits of their-efforts-to-be-in- control are bitter-fruits, controllers continue to try-to- be-dominant-and-in-unilateral-control of the outcomes of all people's efforts to fulfill their visions of "the good life". 3. Controllers envision "the good life" as a good- life-for-them at the expense of more vulnerable people who are more: poor, thirsty, hungry, naked, ill-at-ease, dis- eased, sick, homeless, powerless, handicapped, misfortuned --- than are the domineering-people-who-seek-to-be- controllers. 4. Lovers seek to build and maintain healthy communal sanctuaries for all people to live in --- as col- laborators who cooperate with others in: love, service, powers-that-be, dialogues-that-endure, conversations-that- continue, honesty-which-is-open; gentleness, respect, balance, mutuality, sharing, civility, hospitality, patience, kindness, compassion, sympathy, empathy, and coherent-patterns-of-demonstrated- virtues. 5. Controllers cannot abide true reverence shown toward any of the above visions which lovers seek to fulfill --- by how-they-approach-each-other in working together cooperatively to build enduring-stable- relationships. 6. Lovers do not show reverence toward stuck- traditions which endure-for-centuries --- benefiting- controllers at-the-expense-of-lovers who are eternally- more-vulnerable than are the domineering-people who seek to concentrate-power-without-limits --- and thereby concentrate-corruption-without-limits. 7. Controllers cannot understand that the freedom to be safely-vulnerable within-communal-sanctuaries --- is the key to the enjoyment-of-the-kingdom-of-heaven wherein lovers cooperate with each other --- in ways which transcend the many laws-which-controllers-manipulate --- without there being any objections-on-the-part-of-the- laws-which-the-controllers-manipulate --- for-their-own- unilateral-benefit --- in spite of the many-objections-by- many-different-people --- who are unilaterally-made-more- vulnerably --- by the controllers. 8. Lovers understand that there is no coherent way to demonstrate personal-and-communal-integrations-and- integrities --- through unilateral-control of: laws, rules, prescriptions, proscriptions, commandments, taboos, punishments, "consequences", fears, anxieties, dis- eases, diseases, sicknesses; rewards, benefits, privileges, elections, leaderships, powers-that-be; reputations, proprieties, formalities, formulas, polities, constitutions, by-laws, rituals; desires, hopes, aspirations, visions, dreams; experiences, pleasures, memories, and liberating- relationships among true-lovers. 9. Controllers' ultimate-concerns revolve chaotically around idolatrous-issues of unilateral- control-and-dominance; to the exclusion of many lovers' gracious-understandings noted above. 10. True-lovers understand that the whole-truth includes many paradoxes --- including many complementary- partial-truths which continue to be true-pointers that are well-used by healthy-lovers in their integrative: dialogues, conversations, coordinations, collaborations, and civil conventions. 11. Controllers often view imperfect-pointers to complementary-partial-truths as being mutually- contradictory-statements which must not stand along-side- of or-above the few complementary-partial-truths which the controllers view as the whole essence of ABSOLUTE- TRUTH which is: simple, simplistic, self-evident-to- simple-people, traditional, conservative, fundamental, eternal, and God. 12. Lovers deal openly and honestly with the real complexities of living in diverse-healthy-relationships --- with many different-people who have little control over the many ways in which they were created differently and continue to be different; but nevertheless find many different-ways to be true-to-themesleves-and-each other in open-and-honest-dialogue with each-different-other- person. 13. Different-controllers cannot co-operate or col- laborate with each other-different-person who wants to be unilaterally-dominant and fully-in-control in different- ways; and so different-controllers are eternally-involved in unhealthy-relationships which are: contentious, extreme, exclusive, coercive, violent, destructive; and so are disintegrative of: healthy-people, healthy- relationships, healthy-communities, healthy-states, healthy-nations, healthy-ecologies, healthy-space-ships and healthy-planet-space-ships. Many different- controllers lead each other into many different deadly ways by trying to be unilaterally in control of each other. Who is to say with-authority how best to truly resolve all of these contentious relationships and conflicts? Who can be sure? How can we be sure? Must we be sure? Why so? How so? Who are the true peacemakers? Where may we find the true peacemakers? How can we recognize the true peacemakers wherever/whenever we meet them? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================