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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %KINGDOM DOMINATION SYSTEMS TECHNOCRATS CONTROLLERS 030527 %HEAVEN HELL DEVIL FALLEN ANGELS POWERS THAT BE GOD 030527 %LIBERATION LIBERAL EDUCATION POLITICAL COALITIONS 030527 %CONCENTRATION CONTROL REWARDS PLEASURES ENJOY GOOD 030527 %FAVORED CHILDREN HUMILITY PEACEMAKERS ARROGANCE 030527 %DEMANDS COMMANDS DISINTEGRATION PERSONAL COMMUNAL 030527 Full liberation from "The Domination System" will include liberation from "The Domination System" having control over all possible forms of rewards. Liberation will mean that "The Domination System" will no longer having the power to repress and suppress rewards and pleasures --- which enjoy without the permission, support or clear tolerance of "The Domination System". People who are enjoying such "illicit" rewards and pleasures expose and undermine the abuses-of-power enjoyed by "The Domination System". It demands that IT always be in control --- through the disintegrative efforts of domineering people who worship The Domination System's control-technologies --- as they sacrifice most forms of integrities and integrations. The following kinds/forms of rewards are "illicit" for reasons hinted at above. The pleasures of: 1. Integrations and integrities. 2. Being cooperatively together. 3. Being authentically together. 4. Being open and honest with each other. 5. Honoring each other's desires and needs. 6. Creativity and spontaneity. 7. Gentle humor and clowns. 8. Gentle jokes. 9. Healthy sexual expressions. 10. Telling our truths gently. 11. Being kind and patient. 12. Being honest-peacemakers. 13. Sharing our wealth and health. 14. Clarifying complex relationships/webs. 15. Resolving complex conflicts. 16. Fulfillment within humane limits. 17. Meaningful relationships within sanctuaries. 18. The fulfillment of humane visions. 19. The transcendence of violence/coercion. 20. The cessation of wars of all kinds. The enjoyment of the above pleasures is associated with the understanding, subversion and undermining of "The Domination System". We are fools if we assume that domineering people who are loyal to "The Domination System" will permit such enjoyments of pleasure to go unchallenged! They dare not be indifferent to such challenges to their "Kingdom of Domination". We need to be clear about the nature of the challenge of "The Domination System" --- to lovers who intentionally choose not to be domineering people. Lovers need to be clear about how they as lovers can effectively challenge "The Domination System" to demonstrate that IT is NOT on the side of promoting and facilitating true integrity. For there to be a fair contest --- "The Domination System" and lovers need to offer to common people many clear demonstrations in words and deeds that they, not "the others" are more honest, authentic, trustworthy and reliable. Who should write the rules regarding the contest and in what way people should decide who wins the contest? Who should referee the contest? Who knows? Who can tell? Who should tell? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================